Many of us wonder what Middle Eastern princesses wear. Especially, since we know almost nothing about most of them, not even their names!
Let’s take a look at a designer’s collection that has possibly graced some royal wardrobes.

Rami Kadi is a Lebanese designer who has been on fire since he opened his first flagship store in 2011. Dressing many Arab celebrities, Rami has made his way to royal houses and proudly has many royal clients who adore his work. Rami’s Le Royaume Enchant√© collection was released last April which makes this review ridiculously late it possible that some royals have already worn the pieces Today I’m joining forces with Jeffrey Felner, fashion expert and editor at for a quick review of our favorite and least favorite pieces from the collection. You can check the whole collection HERE.

Jeffrey and I differed when it came to our favorite pieces, I loved the lace tiers in the strapless, deep pink gown (First photo) while he liked the silk gazar and tulle gown in pistachio green (shown above).

I also loved this silk crepe dress with lace details. It’s really delicate and feminine while the train gives it the needed grandness and glamor.

Of the collection, Mr Felner said that Rami showed “from chic to show girls and from conservative to ultra sexy. The influence is a lot of french and some Bob Mackie thrown in for the more theatrical looks.


For cocktail dresses, Jeffrey picked the lace and silk organza dress below as his favorite.

Differing again, I picked this gold brocard dress

While we didn’t exactly like the huge skirted gowns that Jeffrey thought were influenced by Charles James, they weren’t our least favorite part.

Jeffery and I agreed that this cropped lace top with plastic printed skirt should get a NO! Although I like the print on the skirt, bare midriff for a cocktail party doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

We also agreed that the party dress above looks rather like a swimsuit from the 40’s, A fabulous swimsuit, though!

All in all, I think Rami could achieve a balance between feminine and sexy, and the colours came summery and pleasant. I also think that it won’t take long before Rami’s romantic approach to fashion leads European royalty to him!

Who do you see in a Rami Kadi creation?
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Photos: Rami Kadi’s press office.