The Royal Couturier was launched in 2011 and has been a celebration of everything royal, majestic and purely elegant. Since her marriage, Princess Charlene of Monaco has been treated unjustly by the press with rumours and speculations. The Royal Couturier has aimed to challenge to the view forced upon us from tabloids and highlight the life and work of The Princess of Monaco, and of course her modern style. Since her engagement to Prince Albert, there has been interest in Princess Charlene’s life as the first lady of Monaco as well as her past as an accomplished Olympian. Princess Charlene is also a humanitarian whose foundation has helped save thousands of people from drowning around the world, a great effort that The Royal Couturier hopes to highlight.


HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco

Today, The Royal Couturier is proudly the number one source for information on Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco and ways to copy her style as well some other, handpicked styles of other royal ladies. The Royal Couturier also features both established and up and coming designers, stylists, makeup and hair artists who Have worked with Her Serene Highness as well as designers that we’d love to see the Princess explore. What started as an exploratory and somewhat documentary effort to highlight Princess Charlene as well as shed some light on the nearly-forgotten yet eternally fabulous royal family of Egypt is now a testament to the change we can do in the world.

It is important to note that The Royal Couturier is NOT affiliated with Princess Charlene, her family, or the House of Grimaldi. The Royal Couturier is also not affiliated with fashion houses or glam teams that work with the Princess.