As we had a flashback yesterday for Princess Charlene’s birthday, let’s have another one today, this time to just a couple of years ago.

Princess Charlene wore this dress in July 2013 to attend the 150th anniversary of Monte-Carlo SBM.

Princess Charlene in Tibi dress.

As the title says the high-low sleeveless silk dress is from Tibi. This color-block style was actually quite popular that summer and was sold in different colors for around $675.

Tibi dress.

I honestly knew about this dress for so long but I was never excited to post about it as I wasn’t a fan of how it looked on Charlene. the styling fell flat with the Stuart Wetizman wedges and tan Akris bag and the few pictures available made the Princess of Monaco look weirdly proportioned, but well, it’s a new brand added to the wardrobe of Char anyway, no?

Princess Charlene in a Tibi color block dress.

What do you think of this dress?