Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are at the 70th Red Cross Ball right now, probably dancing the night away. We looked at Princess Charlene’s possible looks yesterday and we agreed that Atelier Versace was a strong possibility,  BUT I never expected THIS!

This gown is just beyond. After last year’s uber-modern, alien-chic look, I didn’t expect this out-of-this-world creation! The Princess of Monaco looks phenomenal in a “fully beaded Atelier Versace gown with a degrade scale Swarovski motif in the tones of blue, gold and crystal.”

Charlene wore blue silk satin sandals and a silver clutch, both also by Versace. 

While the color is somewhat similar to last years, the entire look has a completely different feel. Charlene worked with a lot of designers and she often seemed to be wearing the same thing even when she wasn’t. This has never been the case with Versace, each piece they created for her looks distinctly different from the other. This is not just a matter of the frocks being couture, but also a matter of Donatella and her team being geniuses. 

Just look at how statuesque she looks, I can’t wait for videos to see all these fish scale details flowing 😍

As you can see in previous pics, the Repossi engagement ring made an appearance, and Her Serene Highness paired it with a wrap-around bracelet and a diamond earcuff, by Repossi too, I believe… but still waiting for a confirmation…

This hair length is perfection and the new do is just what the dress needed. Usually, Charlene plays with her eyeshadow and this time was no exception, I love how the blue and the silver blend in to match the dress.

Do you love this look as much as I do?

Note 1: Thanks to the Versace PR team for the very fast confirmation and full details of this masterpiece!
Note 2: Will update the post with videos and confirmation from Repossi as I get them. 

Photos: Zimbio, Versace