On January 27th, we all saw Princess Charlene step out for Sainte Devote in this black floor-length coat that garnered mixed reviews. I personally thought the look was too dark before it grew on me to be on my list for best outfits (in black), I even went so far as to describe Princess Charlene as a Medici Lady in the 21st century.

Despite how new the look was, it felt very familiar for some reason. So, I started digging with the help of the Akris team that was very helpful. Truth is, we’ve seen this coat before!

In 2017, Princess Charlene visited the Red Cross Headquarters for the annual Christmas gift distribution. The event was heavily photographed and we didn’t get many full-length photos.

Tricking us, as HSH often likes to do, the Princess wore a grey Akris jumpsuit. A very similar style to the black one she wore a month earlier to the same venue for National Day Gift distributions. In November, Princess Charlene wore the black jumpsuit with a black cape that she later took off. In December, she wore this black coat that she kept on all day.

Looking like a simple coat, we hardly noticed that it was floor-length and didn’t get to appreciate the fine seams and details, like the zippers it features on the sides.

To me, this coat is so representative of Akris’s versatility. Even though a full-length coat is rather hard to wear and style, the princess pulled it off not once, but twice. While both looks are good enough to me, I prefer the 2019 Saint Devote look. Why? Because zipped up, the coat fits like a glove and you get to appreciate its details. Now that I think about it, I want to see that black jumpsuit again, maybe with red pumps?

The question is, which look do YOU prefer?

Photos: Zimbio