After an monochromatic outfit for the morning events for the National Day in Monaco, Princess Charlene shock us everyone with what could be a feminist outfit. This year, the Prince and Princess were joined by two sisters-in-law, Princess Caroline of Hanover (in Chanel Couture), and Mrs. Chantell Wittstock, wife of Princess Charlene’s borther Sean.

The Princess donned a tuxedo by Ralph Lauren Collection. The Chrystie tuxedo jacket is made of wool and features a double-breasted silhouette with satin-covered buttons and wide double-faced satin peak lapels.

Ralph Lauren Collection Chrystie Stretch Wool Jacket

This jacket is not to be mistaken with another Ralph Lauren tuxedo jacket that the Princess wore in New York last year for the Princess Grace Awards and in France for Armistice Day Dinner. The number chosen for the National Day gala has four buttons and two pockets while the Princess Grace Awards blazer has six buttons.

Princess Charlene Princess Grace Awards 2018

Princess Charlene repeated the same wingtip shirt that she’s worn in New York last week (buttoned up this time). This shirt features a hidden placket (the layer of fabric that hides the buttons). The Princess of Monaco chose a pair of black slimmer tuxedo pants with side faille stripes. To finish the look, HSH wore her Dior slingback pumps that she’s worn for the Monte-Carlo TV festival earlier this year.

Ralph Lauren Collection Simone Wool-Silk Tuxedo Pant

Charlene sweetened the deal with gorgeous Graff diamond and ruby earrings and bracelet. The earrings are comprised of 20 carats of rubies and 11 carats of diamonds. The bracelet is made of 46.90 carats of rubies and 17.67 carats of diamonds.

Graff Ruby & Diamond Chandlier Earrings
Graff Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

I’ve gone back and forth several times on this outfit. On one hand the fit is impeccable, and the outfit is edgy and well thought out. Opinions were mixed over the placement of the order of St. Charles sash and medal on the tuxedo. It doesn’t bother me.

Princess Charlene fete nationale 2019 gala wearing a ralph lauren tuxedo

What does bother me a little is that usually when wearing a sash, men would wear a tailcoat, not a tuxedo. So I wish the Princess was more on theme and had worn a tailcoat. Actually, I wish she’d gone for something more dramatic like Yasmine Sabri’s (Egyptian actress) Antoine Kareh Couture creation.

Then again, perhaps the Princess wanted the look to be dramatic with its simplicity. After all, this look is very well thought of. Looking at the ensemble, you’d think the only thing missing from a regular tuxedo is the bowtie, but if you look again, the bowtie is actually Princess Charlene’s clutch (possibly Armani).

Princess Charlene fete nbaitonale gala 2019 bowtie clutch

This tongue-in-cheek move makes me wonder, is Her Serene highness sending a message? Is she telling us that no one would complain if Prince Philip (for example) showed up at an event without smiling, so why is she being scrutinized if the camera doesn’t catch grinning? Is she telling us that she’s not a by-the-book princess and will continue doing things her way? Or is she reattempting a successful outfit from last year’s Princess Grace Awards (which she seems to be sitting out this year). Whatever it is, I’m left wondering if I should be impressed that Princess Charlene is the first royal to attend a gala where you wear the St. Charles Order in a pantsuit, or if I should be disappointed with the deja-vu feel of this whole look (minus the unexpectedly-girly clutch).

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene Fete Nationale Gala 2019

I’m positive that I love the makeup and hairstyle, which were done by the trusted Rubi Long & Stephane Madinier. And the jewelry is just divine.

Princess Charlenes makeup Fete Nationale Gala 2019

The Fete Nationale week showed a shift in Princess Charlene’s style. From midi-skirts to the endless supply of v-necks, the princess seems to be switching things up. Whether this is a response to her newly-renovated office (which is minimalistic and neutral) or she now has someone advising on fashion choices, I’m there for it. Just shock us next year with your diamond foam tiara, PLEASE!!!

Photos: Zimbio, PalaisPrincier, Ralph Lauren