We’re back in the new year, and what better way to start the year than with a look back at Princess Charlene’s last appearance of 2019. The Princess of Monaco graced us with an appearance in the New Year’s message which Prince Albert sends every year to the residents of Monaco. Princess Charlene has only joined in the message twice before so this was an unexpected surprise.

This message is important as it marks the beginning of 2020’s. To me, this was a clear message from la Princess Charléne that she will be more active in the future. The Princess was criticized in 2019 for being rather reclusive, but in an interview with You Magazine HSH revealed that this past year was a hard one, we’ll be looking at the interview and what it means in a couple of days. In any case, Princess Charlene wished everyone a happy new year and may I say that she looked marvellous while doing so!

Princess Charlene New Year's

What Princess Charlene Wore

Loro Piana Dolcevita Piuma Turtleneck

Loro Piana Dolcevita Piuma Cashmere

The Princess stayed true to her new go-to style with a black cashmere turtleneck sweater from Loro Piana. This time, an extra light styled that’s semi-fitted so it’s not exactly figure-hugging but still flattering and is easily tucked into the skirt.

Ralph Lauren Trivelas Pleated Skirt

Ralph Lauren Trivelas Pleated Skirt

The Princess wore the Trivelas skirt which undergoes a three-step process to achieve its pleated, shimmering finish. First, it’s cut from a sequin tulle fabric, then dyed in a metallic gold tone. Finally, a machine folds the fabric to create a sunburst-pleat effect. The result is a jaw-dropping skirt that retails for $2,790 but is now on sale for $1,116. The belt is also Ralph Lauren but does not come with the skirt.

Finishing the look were the Mise En Dior pearl ring that we’ve seen repeatedly and a Mise En Dior pearl necklace that we’ve never seen before.

Dior Mise En Dior Faux Pearl necklace

With the pearls pushed to the side, the necklace broke the blackness of the turtleneck very nicely. Princess Charlene doesn’t usually wear jewelry often, so it’s nice to see her mixing it up these days. I want to say this look is cowgirl chic, with the belt, the boots, the pleated midi skirt, but I’m not sure that’s fair. This look is definitely Ralph Lauren, a chunkier necklace and it could have been in the catalogue. And I must say, I’m digging it. Are you?