The entire Princely Family of Monaco was out in full force at the 79th Monaco Grand Prix today. This is the first time Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques attended with both of their parents, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. The twins are becoming more and more present at official events. Only a few days earlier, Princess Gabriella attended her first evening official event, the Monte Carlo Fashion Awards in a custom Terrence Bray dress.
With Princess Gabriella wearing a D&G Long Hydrangea-print poplin dress, it was Princess Charlene‘s turn to wear custom Terrence Bray. This jumpsuit is made of double face wool crêpe in baby blue.
This triangle shape on the bodice is very flattering but it also acts as a spotlight to highlight the neckline. The neckline from the front is a different take on her wedding gown’s bateau neckline. The bishop sleeves and extended cuffs were a little innocent, but the back was fierce!

Princess Charlene has worn many backless outfits over the years. So it was nice seeing her get back to this look.

Princess Charlene in Dolce and Gabbana Alta Moda Nude Pumps

The Princess wore patent nude pumps from D&G Alta Moda.

The jewelry was on point. These diamond earrings from Repossi add enough modern glamour to this look. The Princess only wore one ring, also from Repossi. I don’t have the official descriptions of these pieces yet but I will update the blog once I do.

Princess Charlene Grand Prix 2022 hair and makeup
My favourite part of the look? The hair 😍😍😍 Stephane Madinier has styled HSH’s hair for years, most memorably for her wedding, and he is also to thank for both the new platinum blonde colour and the cut. The Princess has worn her hair in several styles since her comeback in April and I liked them all, but this one is my favourite, TBH. It’s edgy and modern, but has a certain softness to it. Is it just me or does it also seem like a reflection of that triangle on the bodice? 🧐
Princess Charlene Grand Prix 2022


I may be a tad more sentimental than usual nowadays, but in many ways, this look really feels like coming home to me. This shade of blue is inline with other blue looks that have become one of her most iconic looks. The neckline is reminiscent of her wedding gown, the statement earrings are also a signature, and her hair is new as always.

Princess Charlene, Prince Albert, Champagne 2022

The truth is, after everything she has been through over the past years, just the fact that HSH showed up was enough for me. The fact that she looks this good is just the icing on the cake.