In 2011, wedding preparations for Prince Albert and Miss Charlene Wittstock included two new tiaras for the soon-to-be princess consort. An anonymous tender was put up and 12 designs were submitted, 3 of which were by French-German jeweller Lorenz Baumer. Engineer by training, Baumer had already been the designer of Chanel Fine Jewellery and Louis Vuitton Jewellery. With an impressive resume and portfolio of conceptual designs, all three sketches incorporated pear-shaped diamonds, the same shape of her engagement ring.

These two sketches were submitted by Lorenz Baumer and were not selected by HSH

One of Lorenz’s sketches was chosen by Princess Charlene. In my opinion, Charlene selected the best design. Not only is the Ecume de diamants modern and unique, but it’s also versatile and as practical as a tiara can be.

It can be worn as a tiara, a haircomb, or as one or two brooches.

After selecting the design, Lorenz started the technical process started with 3D modelling that allowed HSH to realize the piece before it was manufactured.


The princess was involved in the design process, with several meetings and fittings. The tiara resembles a spray or diamond foam and is composed of 60 carats of diamonds in white gold.

The largest diamond weighs 8 carats, double the size of Princess Charlene’s engagement ring by Repossi. The tiara is asymmetrical, making it harder to balance. This is probably where Lorenz’s expertise as an engineer came in handy. In the video below, we can see Princess Charlene’s hairstylist, Stephane Madinier fixing it to her hair.

Princess Charlene wore the tiara for the first time at her wedding gala at the Opéra Garnier de Monte-Carlo. She chose to wear it in the smaller setting, which fits within her hair.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's wedding dinner 2011

HSH may have worn it on one or two more private occasions, but we have yet to see it on her since 2011.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene wedding reception dinner tiara

The Princess also wore the tiara for a famous portrait by Karl Lagerfeld, which was taken shortly before the wedding.

Very few people know that Mr. Baumer also designed matching earrings for HSH, which can be seen in the video above. These earrings have been worn more often than the tiara, as Princess Charlene wore them a few times. One occasion was the opening of the new Louis Vuitton boutique at Place Vendome on July 3, 2012.

Another was in Montreal in 2012 to the Ritz-Carlton 100th Anniversary Gala on October 26, 2012 .

Although the tiara hasn’t been on the Princess in over a decade, it was showcased in 2023 at the new Baumer Vendome store in Doha. Hopefully it will go on display again, preferably with the princess wearing it once or twice before.

Do you like this non-traditional headpiece?