Last week I was invited to dinner with 12 of Miss Earth beauty queens at Mirai, the pan Asian restaurant in Zamalek, Cairo.

The 12 beauties were in Egypt to participate in the Miss Eco-Queens beauty pageant 2015 that was held to support the Egyptian tourism. Dressed in their finest cocktail dresses and their crowns, the night was surely a royal affair.

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One of my favorite dresses of the night was Miss UK’s frock that had multi-colored floral embroideries. When we asked where she got from, the answer was “Just a boutique in London”.

The highlight of the day though was when I asked Miss Chile if her crown was made of real stones only to have her saying no and placing the crown on my own head!

Luckily, the food was so awesome it made me get over that moment of awkward awesomeness.

One more thing to make the night feel even more royal? The dress of the lady on the right reminded me of the Valentino dress Queen Rania wore to Princess Iman’s graduation last year!