The year is coming to a close. So it’s time to look back at Princess Charlene’s best fashion moments of 2023. Overall, this year was marked by an array of grey and brown suits, black dresses and beige coats. But some looks stand out, and below, we will count down the best 5.

5: Christmas card – DidierAngelo

Talk about ending the year on a high note. This gown is a great chartreuse colour that the Princess hasn’t really worn before. The velvet is elegant and festive and the cowl neckline is new. This entire portrait with Princess Gabriella’s velvet dress and Louboutin shoes and Prince Albert and Prince Jacques matching velvet bowties makes me smile.

4: Grand Prix 2023 Day Look – Akris

Princess Charlene attended the Akris Spring 2023 show in Paris. The collection included many pieces with rainbow stripes and polka dots. I didn’t expect HSH to wear any of those pieces. For the Grand Prix this year, the Princess of Monaco surprised us with brown hair and this dress. HSH completed look with blue Dior pumps that HSH has treasured and worn for years and Prada sunglasses. This look was different, and it was also suitable for the occasion and seemed comfortable and free-flowing.

3: Fete Nationale 2023 Day Look – DidierAngelo

I love red on Princess Charlene, and I’ve been crossing my fingers for her to wear colour for National Day for years. In her 12 years of being the Princess of Monaco, she had never worn red to Fete Nationale Mass. Until This year, my wish came true. The nod to the Monegasque flag and the commitment to the look are what make this look for me. I appreciate the extra effort in the custom Stephen Jones hat and the Manolo Blahnik boots that were custom made to match the DidierAngelo coat. Made of double-face cashmere, I think the coat was a bit too heavy for Monaco in November, but it gets extra points for the matchy-matchy moment with Princess Gabriella. and I love the matching dress underneath. It looks fabulous and comfortable. In short, this look says “I’m back”, and that’s why it made it so far up in the top 5.

2: Fete Nationale 2023 Medal Ceremony – Emilia Wickstead

Before this look, Princess Charlene had never worn a green coat in public. So I was delighted when I saw the photos of the Princely Couple presenting volunteers with medals of honour for the National Blood Merit and the Red Cross at the Palais Princier. The fit of this coat is phenomenal. Emilia Wickstead is a master of construction and she’s been on my wishlist of designers for Princess Charlene. This coat is grand and simple, cheerful yet serious. The Celine western-style belt elevates the whole look. Do you see my pattern here? I like new and experimental looks. And with that, drum rolls, please!

1: Grand Prix 2023 Gala – Valentino

Princess Charlene has worn several black and white gowns. I love this Valentino number on her because it’s simple, structural and fabulous. Very few people can pull off a gown like this (Michelle Williams also wore it), and Princess Charlene truly did. Even though it looks effortless and maybe even too comfortable, it’s grand for the Princess to stand out in group photos. The beige and black Hermes sandals are a great final touch. This gown is different, and Princess Charlene doesn’t wear Valentino often. So it’s easily my number 1 for the year.

Stay tuned for the five worst looks soon!