Last week the Prince and Princess of Monaco welcomed actors and actresses from around the world at the palace for a cocktail reception for the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Princess Charlene in a Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 dress  

Charlene went for a rather subtle gown from the Spring 2015 collection of Ralph Lauren.

The dress features military-inspired pockets and epaulettes. And right before it was about to turn into a huge meh, the dress turned out to be backless (It’s the white one in the background here)!

And the couple gave us some cuteness to make me forget that the frock would have looked better with the belt from the runway… okay!

The Princess of Monaco wore tan sandals and red lipstick… etc. Let’s skip to the earrings!

Princess Charlene in Graff Diamonds earrings.

The earrings are obviously from Graff (I got that confirmed) and that gave me a lot of ideas: Char has worn several earrings with the same hoops, the main stones at the end are set in yellow gold while the hoops are set in white gold. So I thought that maybe Charlene owns the hoops and changes the bottom stones every time for a fresh look. And I turned out to be…. WRONG, as Graff confirmed that the bottom stones are not detachable.

This is Charlene’s second pair of Graff Diamonds earrings in a week, and it’s worth about a million dollars. Whether they’re a loan, a gift or a recent purchase she just made, we’ll probably never know. But we’ll discuss that next week in a post!

Did this dress make it for you or is it just too white?

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