A few days ago I asked you on Instagram and Twitter if I should do a recap of all of the outfits Princess Charlene has worn over the years to the Sainte Devote celebrations and your answer was yes. So let’s take a look at all:

Sainte Devote 2011

Charlene Wittstock St Devote 2011

For the night event on the 26th of January, Miss Charlene Wittstock, then-fiancée of the Prince wore an all black outfit by Armani. This coat would be repeated a few times throughout 2011 and 2012. I think it’s fabulous with the side button effect. The clutch, also by Armani, is a “dumpling” shape with crystals, the Princess of Monaco still wears it to this day.

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The Princess seemed to be having a great time that night. Her earrings were by Marco Molinario. She’d worn them in 2010 for a gala, and would wear with them (with a matching ring) to Prince William’s wedding in England in April 2011. Since then they’d make only two appearance, the latest in 2018.

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock St Devote on January 27, 2011 in Monaco

The next day, Charlene Wittstock donned another black with a mantilla and neutral makeup. Very proper, one could say. and showing an appropriate image for the future princess. Later, the bride-to-be took the mantilla off for the balcony appearance.

Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock St Devote on January 27, 2011 Balcony

2012 St devote

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The evening ceremony was attended by the Princely Couple, Princess Caroline and Princess Alexandra. Caroline and Charlene seemed in sync with their oatmeal/grey/beige outfits. The designer of Charlene’s dress and matching coat is still unknown (could have been Akris), but she’d worn this outfit with black boots in Italy 3 days earlier.

Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II of Monaco attend the Sainte-Devote 2012

For the mass at the cathedral, Her Serene Highness repeated the Akris beige dress with gold detailing that she wore to the 2011 Fete Nationale and an Akris camel coat that she had worn several times in 2011. The shoes were Jimmy Choo. Elegant and simple, but not groundbreaking.

2013 Sainte Devote in Corsica, France

Princess Charlene was suffering from a cold in January and had to miss the Sainte Devote celebrations on the 26th and 27th. But on May 20th she made up for it by attending the St Devote ceremony at Cathedrale Santa Maria Assunta in Corsica.

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene St Devote Corsica 2013

The Princess repeated a Christian Dior skirt suit that she first wore in Japan in 2010 and to Ladies Lunch in Monaco in March 2013. Flats were very much a big part of Princess Charlene’s style in 2013 and so she wore Walter Steiger ballet flats and an Akris clutch. HSH seemed to be having a great time that day. She even ate some bread!

Princess Charlene eating bread

2014 St devote

Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II of Monaco attend the Sainte-Devote ceremony on January 26, 2014

The 2014 celebration on January 26th look is pretty standard. An Akris coat that looks identical to the camel one she wore in 2012, Stuart Weitzman boots, and the Armani bedazzled dumpling clutch.

The makeup was very very simple, as well. But then came the morning…

Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II of Monaco attend the Sainte-Devote 2014

Up until 2014, all of Princess Charlene’s looks for St Devote were repeats and they were all nice. However, this look was the only one that seems to have been created for the occasion, and it was very well put together.

Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II of Monaco attend the Sainte-Devote 2014 Akris

Starting with a Herringbone trench jacket (notice the leather detail on the sleeves), grey cashmere turtleneck (😉), and ending with a matching Jersey herringbone pencil skirt (all by Akris), this look is very smart. A black Akris Ai pochette in horsehair and Dior pumps (the heels have a grey detail) finished one of my favourite looks that Princess Charlene has ever worn.

2015 St Devote

Ceremony Of The Sainte-Devote In Monaco

Do these boots look familiar? That’s because they’re the same Stuart Weitzman thigh-high boots she wore the year before. the coat was ID’d by some as Ralph Lauren, but Akris confirmed it was their cashmere double-face coat. Princess Charlene had previously worn it to visit Red Cross headquarters in 2012.

Ceremony Of The Sainte-Devote In Monaco

The Armani clutch made a comeback. And doesn’t the scarf look like it’s made from the same herringbone material as the skirt and jacket from 2014? Princess Charlene had given birth a bit over a month earlier and she was looking amazing!


Her makeup was done by Valerie B. This would turn into a collaboration that will include Valerie doing the Princess’s makeup, hair, and styling her wardrobe. The Princess sat out the morning mass the next day but I’m sure everyone was pleased to see the new mother, especially so happy with the Prince.

2016 St Devote

princess charlene St devote january 26 2016 outfit

With Valerie as her stylist, makeup and hair artist, the Princess of Monaco donned a grey dress (a repeat that is either Akris or Ralph Lauren) and Loro Piana cape, scarf, and boots, the gloves are by Akris. To this day, Valerie is not pleased with how the scarf moved and “looked like a giant V.” I for one like this look, especially the red lipstick that zhuzhed up the look.

Prince Albert II of Monaco & Princess Charlene of Monaco attend the ceremony of the Sainte-Devote Jan 27 2016 outfit

Now who doesn’t like a nice coat dress? This tuxedo-like Dior coat has such a nice flare in the skirt that makes it far from ordinary. The boots are Stuart weitzman and the scarf and boots are from Loro Piana.

2017 St Devote

princess charlene St devote january 2017 caoe

An Akris turtleneck with black pants and Stuart Weitzman boots. I’m not sure if the cape is Akirs or Loro Piana (leaning towards Piana), but the bangle is Dior. Glamorous makeup.

Princess Charlene St Devote 2017

This seems like one of those looks that are specially created for an occasion, and this sure is the case, but it wasn’t St Devote. Akris created this look for the 2016 Fete Nationale de Monaco, but Princess Charlene ultimately ended up wearing a Carolina Herrera coat (that look fabulous) instead. The Princess paired the beige coat dress with Jimmy Choo boots. Simple. Understated. Elegant. And a better fit for Sainte Devote than National Day, I think.

2018 St Devote

princess charlene St devote january 2018 eve

With Jacques and Gabriella with her, the Princess wore a Loro Piana coat that Queen Sofia of Spain would be spotted wearing a few months after to the evening ceremony on the 26th.

princess charlene St devote january 2018 outfit

For the mass the day after, Princess Charlene donned a look that, although elegant, is not really her signature. This black dress and red checkered jacket (Loro Piana) look is kind of too textbook for Charlene to normally wear. Alas, it’s beautiful look complete with her trusty Cartier earrings.

princess charlene St devote january 2018 closeup

St Devote 2019

princess charlene St devote january 2019 eve full outfit

Head-to-toe Loro Piana, and possibly my least favourite look of the whole bunch. The coat is way too big and baggy for my liking, but do you spot ANOTHER turtleneck?

princess charlene St devote january 2019 eve

Gabriella stayed at home but Jacqyes came in a Gucci coat.

princess charlene St devote january 2019 outfit

This look got a lot of mixed reviews, I for one has mixed feelings about it at first. This look is not all black and goth, it’s actually edgy and modern, the slit in the long coat reveal Dior knee boots underneath with beautiful perforating details.

Princess Charlene of Monaco leaves the Monaco Cathedral during the Celebration Of The Sainte-Devote In Monaco on January 27, 2019 in Monaco, Monaco.

After being unsure about this outfit, I liked very much that I thought Princess Charlene looked like a modern Medici lady in it. A couple of months later, I found out that this coat is indeed a repeat.

Which of these looks is your favourite?

Photos: Zimbio, Palais Princier, MyRoyals