As I promised on Instagram, I got news about Prince Jacques. on May 25th, when Jacques and Gabriella joined their parents to visit the racetrack. We’ve covered Princess Charlene’s outfit before, but since then, I found Jacques’ jeans.

The Prince was wearing a Mercedes-AMG Petronas Petronas shirt by Tommy Hilfiger and Ray-Ban sunglasses. The jeans are the most interesting part, though!

Mommy dressed the little prince in Fendi Monster Jeans. Why are they called Monster?

Because the cutest monster EVER is on the back pocket of the pair. You can see it on the Prince in the picture below.

What’s not so cute about these jeans? They’re $390. Well, they were as they’re no longer available. I feel like Princess Charlene enjoys dressing up the twins. Maybe as she’s shopping for them, she’ll explore some of these designers for herself, too? Can you imagine her in a Fendi dress? ❤️

Do you like these jeans on Prince Jacques?

Photos: Farfetch, palaisprincier, dailymail