Princess Charlene shared the first year school photos of Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques.

The Herediatry Prince of Monaco and his sister can be seen in black and white photos wearing white polo shirts (possibly by Ralph Lauren) smiling and hugging in one picture and posing individually in two others. The school at which the Princely Twins are educated is not publicly disclosed, but it’s understood to be a public school in La Condamine area.

Before starting at this school, the twins loved their pre-school according to Princess Charlene. So much so that Princess Gabriella would wake up on Saturdays and get dressed.

In an earlier photo that Princess Charlene shared, we can see the backpacks that the Princely Twins carried to school on their first day.

Charlene de Monaco’s son, Prince Jacques, carried the Salut Backpack Emile et Ida in Green. The bag features a smiley face and the word “salut” which means hi. Such a conversation opener. Princesse Gabriella de Monaco

Salut Backpack Green

by Emile et Ida

Price: $64.00 (-20%)

Emile et Ida Salut Backpack Green

Mini Canvas Capsule Striped Backpack Pink

by Bakker made with love

Price: $30.80 (-30%)

Bakker made with love Mini Canvas Capsule Striped Backpack Pink