Last month Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attended the Sainte Devote Mass at the Cathedral. We looked at her Dior skirt, jacket and scarf at the time. But there’s one detail that we didn’t discuss. On her arm and obscured from our view for the most part, was a new bag; La Prima.

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La Prima (The First in Italian) was Giorgio Armani’s first attempt in the world of accessories. It’s easy to overlook the bag in Princess Charlene’s ensemble since you can only see it in one photo from the January 27th event.

Closeup of Princess Charlene's Armani La Prima bag

About Armani’s La Prima

“La Prima encapsulates my idea of elegance and personality, of style and function, came from the need to offer an emancipated and sophisticated woman an accessory fit for her wardrobe, said Giorgio Armani who designed this purse in 1995. La Prima was designed to be a crossroad between functional and fashionable.

Giorgio Armani La Prima bag

Armani has decided to revive the bag with an improved design. And so the fashion powerhouse created 6 pieces: a classic model, a rectangular model with enlarged dimensions, two bags with different shapes (shoulder straps or tote bags), as well as two clutches. These 6 models ensure that you can carry La Prima to any event.

Armani La Prima purse

The bag also comes in vegetable calf in natural tones and soft palmellato calfskin wider selection of colours: white, ice, nude, leather, burgundy, dark brown, black, grass and military green, red and powder blue. You could also get this arm-candy in the more exclusive patent crocodile and lizard options. French Vogue has a great piece on how the bag is made which you can read HERE. La Prima very reasonably priced when you compare to many other luxury brands with its clutches starting at $1,095 and Princess Charlene’s model at $1,595 (in calfskin, not croc).

Since Armani’s newest/oldest bag hit the market in December 2019, many celebrities have been spotted sporting it. Princess Charlene carried the small model of La Prima in what seems to be brown/burgundy croc to the Sainte Devote Mass. This bag has a retro vibe to it that I didn’t believe it was Armani at first. The shade the Her Serene Highness chose is also rather chic. The purse complimented the classic outfit quite nicely, but the outfit didn’t do it much justice, me thinks.

GIORGIO ARMANI Small la Prima bag in palmellato leather

I’d really like to see this bag again white a simple, solid-colour outfit where the purse is the “pop of colour”. Maybe even a casual outfit with jeans!

What would YOU wear this Armani purse with?