To celebrate Princess Charlene’s 42nd birthday today, I thought I’d let you in on 8 facts that you may not have known about HSH the Princess of Monaco.

1. In 2012, Princess Charlene revealed that found something very precious in Roc Agel

Princess Charlene Roc Agel

Roc Agel is the Princely Couple’s country home. “I discovered a cookbook in our kitchen with Princess Grace’s recipes from Philadelphia. Her apple pie is amazing, as is her roast lamb. She loved her kitchen, and I have my hands on the secret ingredients.”

2. Princess Charlene is a vegetarian… sometimes!

Princess Charlene at Eqvita Novak Djokovic's restaurant

Like many of us, Princess Charlene tries to eat healthy and was a vegetarian for a few years. Now HSH goes on and off meat. I must say I feel for her as I try to eat plant-based and fail very often. In the photo above, the Prince and Princess were visiting Novak Djokovic’s vegan restaurant Eqvita in 2016. Sadly, the restaurant has closed.

3. When she eats meat, she likes Droëwors (sausage) and Biltong (cured meat) and asks visiting friends to bring them.

Princess Charlene eating bread

“I’m worried they would get into trouble at customs,” she joked in 2018. Chef Christian Garcia, The Palace’s head chef has also learned some South African dishes and serves them regularly in the palace.

4. The Princess has met lady Gaga several times

Princess Charlene with Lady Gaga in 2012

She the paparazzi caught princess Charlene partying with lady Gaga on an island in 2018 (I’m never posting these photos, BTW), it actually wasn’t the first time the two ladies had met. In 2012 alone, Princess Charlene met Mother Monster twice. The first was all Gaga’s concert and after party in Monaco early in October. Princess Charlene (who seemed to be slightly fangirling) gifted Gaga with an Hermes scarf

Princess Charlene and Lady Gaga

Gaga wore the scarf later that year on a safari in South Africa. Gaga posted on Instagram: “yes I cut a hole in my bush hat so my pony could stick out #SafariBarbie #Glambi my scarf was a gift from the Princess of Monaco, thanku!”

Lady Gaga wearing Hermes Scarf gift from Princess Charlene of Monaco

Princess Charlene and Lady Gaga were both at the Versace Soho store in New York later in October. Whether they met any other times is unknown to me, but for all we know they could be friends!

5. Princess Charlene and Prince Albert hosted Harry and Meghan in Monaco

Princess Charlene Prince Harry

Shortly after they got engaged. Harry and Meghan are said to have partied it up with the princely couple on New Year’s Eve 2017.

It was also said that Megan has connected a friend she knows to the Princess Charlene Foundation to help the friend’s efforts in water safety. That being said, and depicts how close Prince Albert and Prince Harry are, Countess Sophie of Wessex seems to be the closest of the British Royal Family to Princess Charlene.

6. Queen Maxima was very supportive when Charlene first became princess

Queen Maxima Princess Charlene same dress

Despite them having worn the same outfit several times, Princess Charlene revealed in an interview in 2013 that Queen Maxima was very friendly and supportive to her. She also said that Queen Consort of the Netherlands gave her really good advice that the Princess could relate to. Princess Charlene did not attend the investiture Of King Willem-Alexander though because she was traveling within the frame work of her foundation (according to the palace statement at the time).

7. Princess Charlene’s favourite perfume is Extraordinaire Camelia 209 by Krigler

Krigler Extraordinaire cameleia

Apparently, Princess Charlene started using the scent around the time of her engagement and has since become a big fan. Charlene, never really one to stick to one thing, has also used a bunch of Armani and Dior perfumes, but Krigler seems to be the one winning the cake.

8. Princess Charlene doesn’t really care about fashion

Princess Charlene Atelier Versace

Horror of horrors . In her interview with You! South Africa last December, Princess Charlene said that she doesn’t really care about dressing up and is most comfortable in sweats and jeans. Prince Albert himself has said that he prefers Charlene without makeup and with her hair pulled back.

You know, with athleisure becoming the norm more and more every day, I’d really like to see Princess Charlene turning some glamorous looks in joggers and heels and athleisure-inspired outfits. just do it Char… Also happy birthday!