So the media is going crazy over the new Duchess of Cambridge as she used some of her clothes more than once, but the duchess isn’t the only royal to repeat (or as they say nowadays in the press recycle) her clothes, many royals did that before and lots of royals are doing it now.
The Duchess of Cambridge’s most notable recycled dresses
from left to right (second time then first time) : Zara’s pre-wedding dinner , at a reception hosted by the British Consul General in LA , service to mark Prince Philip’s 90th birthday ,  the wedding of Nicholas Van Cutsem , Zara Phillips wedding ,  Laura Parker-Bowles
and the most famous and notable dress the Reiss dress she wore for her engagement photos (right) , and then she wore it again in the Canada day celebrations

repeating your engagement dress !!! that’s totally weird , I can never approve of this although the dress is beautiful ….. another royal did repeat her engagement dress too , continue to find who she is!!but speaking about royals from the same generation of the duchess we have some , let’s start with Princess Charlene of Monaco, Charlene is a big recycler too , here are the most notable recycled outfits

right : the first time : Midsummer Garden Fete in 2010 , and left the second time : visiting their wedding exhibit .
  this dress is quite similar to the dress that Egyptian actress Yousra stepped out wearing to the Opening Ceremony – 10th Marrakech Film Festival .
it’s not the same dress , but i believe it’s from the same collection
and this unknown designer dress
a the first time left : GYN2011 conference , and the second time in an interview  
right (the first time) : in an interview , left (the second) : meeting the South-African president in her honeymoon
 I think it looks WOW in the second time although it looks EWW in the first time , South-African dress , South-African designer , worn in South-Africa to meet the South-African president , seems so right :) in the second time !
 Charlene is also a fan of jumpsuits (yeah i know it’s weird ) sometimes she can pull it off though
She wore this Akris jumpsuit first time (right) for Amber Lounge Fashion Show , then for the second time in a Olympic reception in their first appearance in their honeymoon (left) I’m not a fan of this jumpsuit though ,
And I’m not a fan of this one either
HSH rewore an unknown designer’s jumpsuit that she should have NEVER ever worn to attend the Menton Music Festival (left) after wearing it last year to attend the launch of  Nelson Mandela Intimate Moments Exhibition . .      
I know she looks good in the second time , much better that in the first one , but im not a fan because of this a royal wearing something that is not a maillot but it still shows her bellybutton , NO , I can’t approve of this

we also have princess Victoria who recycles most of her dress at least 2 times , sometimes she wears a piece of clothes for really many times , here are 4 outings for only one dress

I guess she wore it actually another time , so that makes them 5 times for only that dress , that beats the duchess ,not ?

Now , let’s move to princess Maxima of Netherlands :
Maxima doesnt repeat very often like Charlene and Kate but sometimes she does
here the latest 2 outfits she repeated (the ones i remember) she recycles her hats alot as well .

Another recycler is princess Letizia of Spain , she’s quite clever in recylcing too as actually what she does is remodeling , she did that with her pre-wedding gown which was made by Lorenzo Caprile

now That’s smart , you would never notice that these are the same dress unless if someone told you (that’s what happened to me )  ……………………………. another royal remodels her clothes alot too , actually her team does for her ,,, you know who she is ??

Queen Elizabeth herself is a recycler  ! but most of the times she edits the piece before rewearing it , you know it’s like if they noticed it then i’m modest , if they didnt then it’s good

the most notable piece (the only one the buzzed in the press) is a lace taffeta  gown by Angela Kelly , the queen’s dresser which she wore first to a state dinner in  Trinidad and Tobago , it was decorated with appliqué scarlet ibis and cocrico birds which are the national birds of the Caribbean country ,
but for the other time the appliqué birds were took off and there was maple leaves made by Swarvoski crystals on the right sleeve and the neckline ! i have to say the second time is much better that the first time , she put birds on her gown ! i dont care if the they are the national birds of the country , they are birds ! the maple leaf thing is much better , and also the whole look , the necklace , tiara , how the gown fits her chest unlike the first time , it’s just much better 
wearing the gown for the first time to a state dinner in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009 , and then in to a banquet in Toronto
she also recently has recycled another outfit which she had reworn once before , yeah 3 times !! it’s a day outfit by Angela kelly (for sure) which has a very beautiful color , she wore the whole outfit 3 times , she just changed the brooches in these 3 times , here’s the pic
attending the 3rd session of the Scottish parliament 2007 .  in Kentucky ,Derby 2007 . and visiting Westminster hall in 2011
the queen’s team with Angella Kelly on top of them keeps an archive of what the queen wore with brooches , bags and hats so they can mix them up and create new-looking outfits from them
the queen also recycles her hats very often , but that need a post itself .

But the biggest and grandest recycler is :The one and only Grace of Monaco !!!
Princess Grace said before that she bought clothes that caught her eyes and wore them to many places , just like anyone of us does ! the only difference is the kind of clothes
repeating almost every piece she had in a way that makes you think that if she had gotten married a second time she would repeat her wedding dress !!

Dress worn in her engagement’s announcement 1955 (left) and then in her honeymoon 1956 (middle) , and the dress on show (right)

in V&A museum about Grace that took place in London last year you’d find under almost every piece that Grace wore it for one famous event and some smaller ones

Oleg Cassini gown : Grace modeled it for McCall in 1955 (left) and met Prince Rainier for the first time (centre)  , and right the dress as shown in the museum

below we see 3 outings for the Maggie Rouff gown that Grace bought when she got married to prince Rainier

The outings of that Maggie Rouff dress aren’t very known actually but we can say that these are different outings from the hairstyles and the accessories  ,

Also the gown designed by Helen Rose which she wore to the Academy Awards in 1956 was repeated in monaco  , it’s known that MGM gave Grace all her High society movie wardrobe as a wedding gift , so it’s natural to see pictures of Grace wearing them in monaco , but she didnt wear them often though

left to right : Grace attending the Oscars in 1956 ,  the gown on her hands taking it  from MGM studios , and then attending an event in Monaco ,prince Rainier is next to her but i cropped it

by grace kelly we’re back to the 50’s .. but what about getting back to the 30’s with a beautiful young queen who we have some pictures of recycling her clothes?
I’m speaking about Queen Farida of Egypt
these 2 pics were taken in 1938 , so she maybe is the oldest recycler , and although we have only pictures of only this outfit repeated , this makes us sure that she used to repeat , you know they weren’t used to taking many pictures of every single event

in The Cairo Opera House (left) . and attending a charity event(right )

ok , probably these questions popped up to your mind when you saw these 2 pictures of her : why is she wearing a tiara in a morning event ? and what’s that thing covering a part of her face ?
these questions will be answered will be answered along with many other questions in the coming posts… stay tuned