In the week that started in November the 11th and ended in November the 18th (actually these are 10 days) Princess Charlene wore these outfits :

Click to view in full resolution ;)

1  : 11-11 (A) and (B) visiting schools in monaco , now that dress is too short , not ? you’re not a 5 year old student to wear that , princess ! imagine what could happen if some photographers took a pic of you while you were getting of the car , that would be a scandal and i think you and your husband have enough scandals !!

2  : 13-11 attending the 100th anniversary of the Saint Martin church in Monaco , wearing a brown dress with a black tail coat that she wore before several times 9A) , I like the coat also the dress is nice , the combination is ummm , not so sure about it , but ok , I’ll approve of it specially because i think she wore that coat to hide something ;) aren’t you Char ?? , and (B) the hair and makeup , I find them really nice !

3  : 17-11 presenting packages for the elderly within the principality of Monaco , I’m not a fan of this suit , but she’s pulling it off !

Update : it’s Akris (what else could it be !) :

source : my royals blog

4  : 17-11 in the presentation of the L’Ordre de Saint-Charles et Grimaldi , why are you hiding behind Albert , Charlene ? ;)  but I think she looks good here .

speaking about looking good :

Now that’s a good looking family , also the smiles :)


As tomorrow is La Fete Nationale De Monaco (Monaco’s National feast)  I’m putting huge hopes on Charlene :
1. Armani or Chanel , or maybe Valentino , I’m hoping for some colors , maybe rose , purple , or even red , as red represents the Flag of Monaco along with white !! and i dont want to see any strapless thing at all ! and I also dont want to see any sign of black , Monaco is no longer mourning !
2. JEWELS , i wanna see a Tiara , maybe the diamond foam tiara on her hair with the Infinite Cascade on her neck !
What are you hoping/expecting ?