Yesterday Prince Albert and Princess Charlene hosted the entire population of Monegasques for a cocktail to celebrate the 10th jubilee of Prince Albert.

The couple also received the gifts from the people of Monaco for the baptism of the princely twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

Presented by the Mayor of Monaco, Georges Marsan, while being watched by the twins from the balcony, the gifts were two exceptional Cartier pieces from the 1920’s.

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

Princess Gabriella received what is probably her first piece of serious jewelry. This one is a 1925 brooch with geometric shapes. It seems to be made of crystal, diamonds and pearls.

Princess Gabriella’s Cartier brooch.

Prince Jacques received a Cartier Large Tank Cintrée watch which is a real collector’s item.

Prince Jacques’ Cartier watch.

During the cocktail, Princess Charlene surprised Prince Albert (and all of us) and made her first ever speech in French where she called Albert “The prince of my heart”. You can watch it below:

Princess Charlene giving a speech in French for the first time.

Now on to her outfit, I still don’t know who designed this pale pink dress, but it’s most probably either Akris or Dior.

The back of Princess Charlene’s pink dress.

The structure and back of the dress look somehow similar to this number from the Akris pre-fall 2015 collection.

This is the kind of dress that no other royal would wear but our Char. And while I would have liked a bolder color, I think this is just perfect for her to look elegant without stealing Albie’s thunder. I also like that it says business from the front and PARTY at the back!

Princess Charlene’s Dior shoes.

For the shoes, Charlene chose a leather and suede calfskin pair of pumps from Dior.

This choice of footwear is quite simple but I like the layered look created by the matte and glossy materials used. You can buy the same style in black for £480 from the Dior store.

Finally, The Princess of Monaco finished her look with a new pair of Dior Exquise sunglasses in black and pink. Charlene already has another pair of the same style in black and blue. You can buy a brown and pink version for $725 from Bergdorf Goodman.

The usual pearl studs and The Princess’s engagement ring finished the look. And can I just point out that Char’s hair and makeup were very on fleek?

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene hugging after her speech.

Do you like this look as much as I do?