Last week Princess Charlene wore these outfits :

Click for a bigger view ;)

1: on 29-11 visiting Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (sorry i know the pic is too small but that’s the only available pic) anyway as everything is beige then it’s ok to have a small pic ! who cares for a whole beige ensemble ! it’s a typical Charlene for sure !

2 :   30-11 attending  the Humanitary Associations Night , well it’s black ! but on the other hand it’s a new silhouette for Charlene to wear , would like to see that jacket/coat thing again on top of a red and a grey dresses ! plus the makeup (B) is amazing ! and (C) the clutch

3 : 1-12 at the world Aids day in Monaco , ok ! a simple LBD with a weird neckline to show some shoulders (she doesnt like hiding them ) but it’s still regal and princessy , it’s OK and the make up is OK , but the outfit . the makeup and the hairstyle of the day before are much better ! but apart from clothes that day was amazing , there are 2 amazing pics taken from that day : this one it’s like Charlene is sayin : “so i was smiling! then why did they say that i was sad!” , and this one : it says the famous song “WE ARE FAMILY” ! oh yeah i love these pics :D

it’s kinda a boring week though !