Dalida was definitely royalty when it came to music , and i can say that she IS still , She was the sensation in almost all the non-English speaking countries , with millions of fans around the world , tours all over , and 55 gold disc and 1 diamond disc , and award that was created specially for her and then continued over , although later this year her 25th anniversary is coming , but she still has her own fanclub , and hundreds of fan websites , with visits to her tomb and her songs playing everywhere…. well , i told you she IS a royalty

Dalida was also a fashionista , Let’s celebrate her 79th birthday which was yesterday by looking back at her style evolution from a girl from Shubra suffering from cross-eye to the diva of the whole world (except America ) , and sartorial choices over the years :

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Iolanda’s early days , not much of fashion to be discussed , from left to right : 1. young Iolanda maybe she was 3 years old or something . 2.with her god mother the day of her first communion. 3. performing in a school play . 4. a picture of her when she was 16

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from left to right : 1. Iolanda’s official picture as Miss Egypt 1954 . 2. Iolanda modelling with the third pyramid in her hand ! 3. Dalilah in Luxor in the set of a movie when she was a body double , next to her is Omar ElSherif another Egyptian who got global fame (he was in love with her but she pushed him away )
and 4. Dalilah’s first movie Sigara we kass (a cigarette and a glass ) he role was a nurse called Iolanda ! which you can see a part of it here , with English subtitles

then Dalilah went to France and changed her name once more and for the last time to Dalida ! and the sartorial choices began !

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in the late 50’s early 60’s Dalida was dressing as the book says! , typical 60’s ! with full , flared skirts and various necklines shapes the brunette Mademoiselle Bambino was not only succeeding as a singer only , but also as a fashionista !

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fortunately we got many pictures of various pieces from her collection because fortunately Orlando (Dalida’s brother) kept her luggage after her death , and thanks god , everything Dalida passed away owning is still kept until now , and yes that orange-red dress is the same blue one shown , it’s just the coloring of the bygone days :D.

in 1961 Dalida attended Cannes Film Festival along with her husband Lucien Morrise wearing 2 dresses than can be easily described as Haute Couture !

but still there was no big names of designers except for that red dress she wore the first time when she was performing in Bobino in 1958

an amazing draped Jean Desses dress , Jean was Egyptian as well , and he was a royal couturier , he’s the one who designed the wedding gown of queen Sofia of Spain which we will discuss later in the blog .
Dalida would repeat the dress 23 years after she wore it for the first time to receive her diamond disc and celebrate the 25th year of her career in the Olympia1981

just a note : that in the left picture the shoes are different from the Olympia’s so maybe she repeated it more than once or maybe she changed the shoes during the concert !

also she might have worn that dress in the clip of her song Ensemble in 1982 (btw : Dalida was the first in world to make videoclips thanks to Orlando)

In 1964 Dalida Turned blonde , also the style of her music started to change , and her clothes did as well , during the 70’s Dalida’s own style started to show up she started wearing gowns instead of dresses for concerts , she became friends with many designer who made her amazing gowns for her appearances
Balmain , Azzaro ,and Yves Saint Laurent ,all were designers of her favorites designers in the 70’s !

A costum-made gown designed by Pierre Balmain in 1970 for Dalida , she wore it performing Ciao Amore Ciao and other various concerts , sadly i wasnt lucky enough to find a video of her performing wearing it ! but you can see it in move at the end of Gigi L’amoroso video ;)

Another Balmain Costum-made creation , she wore it first performing one of my favorite songs of hers EVER , Il Venait D’avoir 18 Ans , it’s embroidered with pearls and rhinestones , this gown is the perfect sample to know how Pierre played a great role building Dalida’s style in that decade , simple dresses with a bit yet enough dazzle !
and i got a video :D , the good thing about these videos is : 1. we’ll see in gowns in move . 2. we listen to amazing songs !

in 1974 , Dalida performed Gigi L’amoroso wearing this gown which we don’t know its designer !

by 1976 Disco style started to rise in Dalida world , she also is the one who created it and introduced it the world , as the style of her songs changing ,she got also her style changing , she didn’t give up long gowns , but since she started dancing she got a split in the gown to allow her dancing easily , she became more daring the cuts and started using sequins and rhinestones more often and all over her gowns to steal the show but still it wasn’t too gaudy and kept it feminine and fresh , with the help of the world famous designer Loris Azzaro ,
Besame Mucho is a great example for what Dalida and Loris made together !

the gown is silver , looks blue because of the lights

Let’s celebrate Dalida’s birthday with Besame Mucho song and also to see the gowns in move :)

Notes : thought this questions might pop up in your mind :
Q1. why am i writing about Dalida in a blog that’s supposed to be about royals ?
because : 1. Dalida is a music royalty and a royalty in almost all the non-english speaking countries . 2. because she has worn a tiara before (ahem , a fake one) and only royals wear tiaras . 3. because it’s my blog and i can do what i want :P

Q2: why am i stopping at the 70’s ?
because this post is getting too long , i was planning on doing the whole evolution in one post , but while doing my researches i got too much information in many languages but English that i wanted to share with you in English , so there will be one more part at least !

why don’t you share your opinions about Dalida’s Sartorial choices with me ? your favorite look , and also your favorite song :)