Yesterday (October 11th) The Monégasques AKA Albert and Charlene arrived in Florence, Italy. and today’s morning, they left!

But before you get disappointed with the brief visit let me tell you that we had 3 outfits, with a gown included, and guess what? A new designer!

Avec Le Prince, Her Serene Highness arrived to meet Florence mayor Matteo Renzi and his wife -who was wearing Erdem I suppose- wearing a recycled gold/beige Akris dress, The same she wore to the Akris Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Show in Paris last year, The dress comes from the Fall 2011 collection.

On top of it she wore a new beige/oatmeal Akris coat that I assume we’re gonna see often. She teamed this all beige outfit with beige/taupe -of course- Vikki pumps by Jimmy Choo.

And for The Ballo del Giglio at night, The Princess chose a black halterneck ruffled silk chiffon gown, embroidered on the waist that it almost looks like a belt and backless, She paired it with a black and gold clutch, and night sandals.

All by……… Gucci!!!

You better open it in a tab of its own since it’s HUGE!

At first when I saw this gown, I thought it was Ralph Lauren, since she wears Ralph Lauren often, then I remembered that I have seen something similar in Gucci’s fall collection. Not just that, I actually got it confirmed from Gucci that the whole outfit is designed by them!

The gown is costum made, based on looks from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Another version of the dress on Neiman Marcus retails for 16,000$

While Charlene has probably worn this Gucci dress just because Gucci was one of the sponsors of the ball which half of its proceeds will go to the Prince Albert Foundation, It was still a good gesture to choose an Italian designer when visiting Italy. Well played, Char.
Also while Charlene hasn’t worn any jewelery for either the ball or the official visit of the mayor except her Repossi engagement ring, I think she still has looked glamorous with both the tuned down makeup in the morning event, and the black smoky eyes one for the night affair. Some earrings wouldn’t hurt, though!
This morning, The Princess left the St Regis Hotel wearing an Akris coat she’s worn before, and her Miss Dior bag.

Now to the questions: Do you Think Charlene will wear more Gucci in the future?
And most importantly, Do you want her to wear more Gucci?

P.S: This is the second time this week a royal chooses a Gucci gown from this collection, Princess Tatiana of Greece had worn THIS gown, few days ago.

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