With only one day to the inauguration and merely an hour to the first event of the festivities in The Netherlands, I though I’d share these final small bits of information.

Firstly, it’s been confirmed that Princess Maxima will wear on of The House of NATAN designs, however, what I was told didn’t specify whether it’ll be the outfit for the abdication, inauguration or the dinner following them. But there might be two outfits by NATAN as I was told that she will be confirmed for the evening tomorrow, so maybe she hasn’t decided which evening dress to go for yet!

The to-be Princess of Orange, Amalia Catharina and her two sister, Princesses Ariane and Alexia will be wearing NATAN as well.

Joining the NATAN parade will be Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands and Princess Mathilde of Belgium.

Fabienne Delvigne confirmed ladies who will be wearing her hats, and by the colours of their hats we can guess the colours of their outfits!

Princess Laurentien will wear a wear a red hat trimmed in perforated material veil, she’ll also carry a pouch (Clutch also by Fabienne) in the same colour to compliment her outfit.

Princess Mathilde will wear a large capeline hat in panama Pink (or so I understood from the French).

Felipe Varela confirmed to that he’ll be dressing Princess Letizia but will not release any information regarding her outfit until photos of her in it come out.

It’s also thought that Bruce Oldfield will be dressing The Duchess of Cornwall, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Guests started to arrive in Amsterdam, above you see Prince Charles and Camella arriving at Intercontinental Amsterdam, while below you can see Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako arriving at the Okura Hotel in The Netherlands yesterday.

 Princess Masako was wearing a Chanel suit.

Princess Lalla Salma was seen arriving in the same hotel too.

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhornof Thailand was seen leaving it.

You can see members of the Dutch royal family arriving in the palace HERE, and the Queen HERE.

The final preparations are being made, you can see here.

And that’s a wrap, tune in HERE or HERE or HERE now to catch the dinner, which we will discuss later tonight!