With just a few days until the abdication and inauguration of Prince
Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, now is the perfect time to
speculate what Maxima will wear as she becomes the Queen of The Netherlands.

April 29th there will be a dinner given by the Queen (Beatrix), it’s
unknown if it will be a white tie affair or black tie, but for sure it’ll
include gowns!

On April 30th, the abdication and
inauguration will take place in the palace and the parliament, Maxima is
expected to wear a full length dress with a tiara or some serious head
jewel, it’s a morning event so nothing too flashy, too embroidered, or
too sparkly.

By the after noon of the same day there will
be a reception for royal and foreign missions and dignitaries (We will
discuss who’s going from our royals tomorrow).
And at night there will be a water pageant and a dinner hosted by the prime minister.

So 4 outings with at least three outfits, and there are five designers to be guessed:


designed Maxima’s wedding gown and many other night gowns for her,
Maxima has also worn daydresses and suits from the ready to wear line.
there are some dresses from the latest three Couture collections, It’s a
great possibility that Max will wear white just like Beatrix did, but
maybe she’ll wear red or blue which are the other two colours of the
Dutch flag, While the red gown is way too shiny for a day event, it’s Maxima
after all so we never really know, I like the powder pink one on the
left, it’s chic and elegant but without being overwhelming, Sheikha Mozah has it in blue.
So my favorite one is the dark blue gown with its simplicity, regality, train and Queen Juliana’s resemblance (it was blue), it will form a great base for jewels unlike the amazing white gown!

Natan is sadly
a huge possibility, NATAN costum makes most of their pieces (Still they
wouldn’t fit well) so we can expect many stuff from them and Maxima,
below two of my favorite looks that NATAN has designed for Maxima, both
were worn to the Prinsjesdag which happens during the day too, the one
on the right was then reworn with a tiara for a tiara affair.
Jan Taminiau
Many of you are placing their bids on this one, kind of a safe bid if you ask me since Jan who happens to be Dutch has recently become one of Maxima’s favorite designers for mainly night attires but also for cocktail dresses and morning suits.
Since Jan’s runway designs are Gaga and edgy (see the pics above), Maxima usually commissions costum made items, below is a gown that was worn for the Prinsjesdag with a hat then for a white tie dinner during a state visit to Oman.
Beautiful, Jan can somehow get Maxima to be edgy enough to wear a dress straight from his runway even if it would make her steal attention or look over the top, like at the pre-wedding dinner of Prince Guillaume last year.
Benito Fernandez
Princess Maxima wearing Benito Fernandez
Benito is Argentine like Maxima, so it might make sense that she wants to honor her mother country, especially since her parents will not be there.
Benito has dressed Max for many occasions, and they’re costum made designs most of the times. the thing about Benito is that Maxima either looks very good or so bad in his designs, and I can’t put my hands on the reason!
No, wait, it’s shiny satin and feathers!

And just if you think you should not put your money on Benito, let me tell you this.

Will Princess Maxima wear this Benito Fernandez dress to the dinner?
visited Benito’s atelier earlier this month and he showed her this gown
saying that they were just about to send it to Princess Maxima, I’m
assuming that Max might wear this dress on April 29th dinner just before
she becomes a queen the next day, or maybe she’ll wear it some time
later, but not for the inauguration. 
dress is embroidered on the shoulders, the waist and the skirt, while
the top part has a leopard print with ruffles at the end of the skirt (at least there are no feathers).
and I can honestly say I don’t like it but I will wait to see Max
wearing (or not wearing) it to decide.

Our last assumption for designers is:
Hoogeweegen Rouwers

I‘m having a hard time spelling the name, too. Luckily, he also goes by H. Rouwers, but anyway, he’s a Dutch designer (ALERT!)
and Max has worn him once in 2008 for the Prinsjesdag, his designs are
more of boho and less of princessy, but still he can make anything for
his country’s new queen!
As for the jewelry, Marc van der Linden who is a royal reporter said of television that he  heard from a source close to the court that Maxima will wear “something in gold and yellow”, true or not? We have to guess!

Here’s something to pass the remaining few days doing, guessing!
Firstly, Let’s guess the colour, I still can’t make my mind on whether it’ll be blue or white!
What Colour Will Princess Maxima wear for The Inauguration?

The Poll is now closed: 43% voted white, 22% voted blue, while beige got 18%, and 17% other colours.

Maxima wore BLUE, so the majority was wrong :P

Who willl Princess Maxima wear for the inauguration?

The poll is now closed: 44% voted Jan Taminiau, 41% voted Valentino, while NATAN got only 8%

Maxima wore Jan Taminiau, so the majority was RIGHT! :)

Secondly, the designer, I’m inclined to say it will be Jan Timiniau for the inauguration itself:

Who Colour Will Princess Maxima wear for The Inauguration?

This poll is now closed too:  44% voted Jan Taminiau, 41% Valentino, while NATAN got just 8%, other designers got just 10%.

Maxima wore Jan Taminiau so the majority was right. :)

Do you have a different guess? Why don’t you share it with us in the comments?
Photos: Zimbio, Google, Muy-mona.com