NATAN and Fabienne Delvigne released the information regarding the outfits at the abdication today!

The soon to be Queen of the Belgians wore a NATAN Nacre dress in cotton-silk organza with brocade design draped neckline and plunging back.

Her Fabienne Delvigne creation is called Envolé. “This hat is made ​​from a blend of fibers of abaca and silk. The draped shape is reinforced with two asymmetrical sides and is made ​​from a carved openwork fabric. The hat is in beige color powder.” Fabienne promises that the hat will be both elegant and glamorous.

Queen Paola wore a NATAN Grass green dress in cotton ajoure with flower design and matching cropped jacket with rising neckline 

As a headgear she chose a “headband with two intersecting sides made from banana fiber in a soft yellow tint.”

Joining in the NATAN and Delvigne party was Princess Claire who wore a
dress with Pointiliem print in ecru, ocher and fuchsia with cropped
jacket in ocher colored dupioni silk with 1/2 sleeves and groe grain bow
at the waist

And “ocher exploded straw hat cape line of soft straw and natural parabuntal“. The hat is of extreme delicacy and is adorned with a ribbon.

Will keep you posted with all the other news.