The wedding of Prince Mohammed Ali and Princess Noal happened, but the release of official pictures of the event did not happen! So we’ll just go with the bad quality pictures we have. Thankfully we have a lot, and the couple looked beautiful over the Sea of Marmara.

On Thursday, the 29th of August, the couple were married in a private ceremony in the house of Princess Tilsim of Liechtenstein (she’s a distant member of the House of Mohammed Ali, the Egyptian royal house). There are no photos from that event!

The next day there was a dinner banquet at Çırağın Palace Hotel.

The bride wore a white, off-the-shoulder embroidered gown with 3/4 sleeves. Many of you think it’s Elie Saab but it’s not confirmed and honestly, that’s Turkey, embroidery is their game over there, even Maxima’s Natan skirt for the abdication of Queen Beatrix was made from a piece of fabric purchased in Turkey! Bottom line: I think it’s a local Turkish designer, I also believe that Noal wore a small tiara, it can be spotted in some pictures, but whether it’s real/fake, new/old is unknown!

King Fouad wore the order of AlKamal and the collar of Mohammed Ali.

250 guests came from all over the world to attend the wedding, among them were:

Yasmine Shaarawi, the daughter of the late Princess Feryal Farouk and her husband Ali Shaarawi


Ali Orlov, the son of Princess Fadia Farouk (far left)
Grand Duchess Maria Vladmirovna of Russia (left in a blue gown and a kokoshnik tiara!)


And Naturally Princess Tilsim (Thanks to Luxurazzi and Sydney Luxurazzi for the spot)
Prince Paul of Roumania and Princess Lia of Roumania

also in attendance were Princess Lalla Hasnaa
of Morocco (sister of King Mohammed), Prince Philip an Princess Isabelle of
Lichtenstein, Prince Rudolf (their son and Tilsim’s husband), Crown
Prince Leka of Albania and Prncess Marie-Gabriel of Italy.

Princess Fawzia Latifa attended (but wasn’t pictured), Fadila did not attend. Luckily Prince Fakhr ElDin was pictured!

Not his best picture, but anyway!

On Saturday, the 31st of August, Princess Fatima Zahir (mother of the bride) hosted a brunch in the same hotel (I
guess) where the royal couple got their heads covered for a while with a white and yellow piece of fabric for some reason!

And for some other reason, the bride decided to tie that fabric around her waist!

I like the dress and the Peter Pan collar!

Princess Fawiza Latifa posed in her black and white dress while Fakhr ElDin
looked curiously at that gift offered by someone to the bridal couple (Not a tiara, sadly!)

Below, we see king Fouad with Princess Lalla Hasnaa and an unidentified guest (with an awesome hat).

The next day, the king hosted a cruise on the Bosporus in honor of his son and new daughter-in-law.

The bride wore a casual white dress with 1/2 bell sleeves and details in the hemline.

And their royal highnesses danced! Love Fawzia’s braid!


What do you think of Princess Noal’s wedding dress?