In 1904, Mr. Louis Vuitton first served Monaco’s royal family, creating travel cases in crocodile skin. One hundred and ten years later, Louis Vuitton -this time the brand- was hosted at the Place du Palais to showcase their first runway cruise collection.

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The glass show venue is the first ever to be placed in the Place du Palais and hosted 300 guests with exclusive invitations that were seated on Pierre Paulin couches.

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As we all know, Charlene is the one behind this show being held in Monaco. According to Michael Burke, the CEO of Louis Vuitton, Charlene said: “We have F1 why not fashion”. And so the Princess arrived on the arms of her husband accompanied by Bernard Arnault, Helene Arnault and Pierre Casiraghi.

Also in attendance were Camille Gottlieb and Pauline Ducruet. Is it just me or are Princess Stephanie’s daughter turning into really beautiful young ladies?

Charlene was dressed from head-to-toe in Louis Vuitton, starting with a custom navy blue dress with sequins all over the neck and bust lines.

Charlene paired her dress with Eyeline pumps which you can buy from HERE for £920. They’re described as:

Eyeline Pump : One of the statements of the season, this timelessly chic pump in precious python leather is distinguished by its sleek lines and graphic details, including a pointed toe, straight stiletto heel and golden Louis Vuitton accessory at the back.

Char also carried a gold Bijou clutch, shown below in….. hmm, some other colour!

 Some serious bling was involved as well.

A “Voyage dans le temps” cuff adorned her left arm. The Flashforward cuff from this collection plays with the idea of pixels. The blue is gran feu enamel against a beautiful checker board effect of diamonds (Shown below is the red enamel version). A quite similar bracelet is shown on the website with an £82,000 price tag!

Finally, Les Ardentes stud earrings completed her look.

The setting for the show was quite amazing with the floor looking like rocks under water and was really fun to watch (even on online stream). The cruise collection on itself was colorful and playful, but I have to say I’m not a big fan of the clothes. Below are my favorite looks from the collection though. You can see all the looks HERE.

I’d be happy seeing Charlene in any of these looks, let’s hope this show means more Louis Vuitton in her closet!

One last thing:

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A suitcase belonging to to Princess Charlotte circa 1920. I tell ya, if they’ve kept the suitcases, then they’ve kept the jewels. And just like the suitcase, we’ll see them all one day!

What do you think of Charlene’s look? Did you love the show?
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