The Princess Charlene Foundation Inaugural Gala is officially postponed, it was confirmed to The Royal Couturier. The gala was going to contain an amazing auction among other things including a surprise announcement… Originally scheduled for May 16th, this event would have been in the middle of the high season in the South of France, just a week before the Grand Prix and in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival (NOT) happening from the 12th to 23rd of the month.

Princess Charlene Gala 2020

While this sad news adds to the bunch of sad we see and read happening every day, the foundation is not stopping. Starting with an awareness campaign featuring Charles Leclerc, to an initiative started by HSH and Gareth Wittstock, Secretary-General of the Foundation, to distribute 5,000 high-performance masks. There are 38,682 people in Monaco, so almost one if every 7 people got a mask, so it was important to remind people that: “wearing this alternative mask is not a substitute for respecting confinement rules and social distancing must be maintained.”

Understandably, the foundation is not ready to set an alternative date, yet. And so, the outside world keeps on pressing pause. Meanwhile, don’t forget to make the most of your time.