Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation announces 'The Crossing: Calvi - Monaco Water bike Challenge

Mark your calendar for the 12th and 13th of September because the Princess Charlene Foundation has just Announced “The Crossing: Calvi – Monaco Water Bike Challenge.” This the third time the Water Bike Challenge is taking place, but this time it will start in Calvi, Corsica all the way to the yacht club in Monaco.

Princess Charlene Waterbike training.

Two teams of 4 internationally renowned athletes will take turns at sea for nearly 24 hours over a distance of 180 kms, the team who makes it there first, wins. We don’t know who the athletes are yet, but we know one team is only looking for three members. HSH has been training hard in Calvi as the entire family is staying there for a little va/staycation.

This is probably the Foundation’s biggest fundraiser of the year as the gala has been postponed to the unforeseeable future. The Water Bike Challenge has always been scheduled to take place in September (an announcement was expected at the gala). I hope they they raise a ton of money to fund their “Learn to Swim” and “Water Safety” programmes.