Princess Charlene has won an auction on an art piece created by South African artist Conor Mccreedy.

The artist/art collector took to Instagram in late April in partnership with Andrew Rothschild in a live stream for COVID-19 support. Conor, who is based in Switzerland, painted this artwork live in about 30 minutes. The painting is an abstract depiction of the South African flag in 3 different shades of blue representing the 3 languages in the South African national anthem; English, Afrikaan, and Zulu. Conor has since received multiple bids from around the world to purchase the painting, but it was Princess Charlene that snagged it.

Princess Charlene painting by Conor Mccreedy

All proceeds from this sale are going to Pick N Pay “Feed The Nation” Foundation. The amount for which the Princess of Monaco has purchased the painting for is not disclosed, but Conor revealed to the SA Sunday Times that it was “a large amount of money”. He also shared on Instagram that thanks to this sale, over 100 families will be fed. Whether it’s for one meal or a year does not matter. I don’t know if Charlene saw this painting on Instagram or if someone from her camp notified her about it. I’m kind of hoping it’s the former. Kinda like the idea of the Princess of Monaco shopping on Instagram.

It’s not very clear whether the painting was purchased by Charlene personally or by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, but the painting is on its way to Monaco right now. The painting of a more likely to hang at the Foundation offices than the Palais Princier, but it gives me a lot of joy to know that half an hour of work and a charitable mindset can feed so many families.

What do you think of the painting?