It has become a tradition that every year on Princess Charlene’s birthday, I share a new ID of a piece HSH has worn. I thought I had this year’s ID in the bag, but an even better one found me when I least expected it. One of my guilty pleasures, my non-judgemental friends, is the Real Housewives franchise. And so, the other day I was rewatching the season 10 reunion of RHONY (and wondering what I was doing with my life) when I had a déjà vu. Not because I’d watched this episode before…twice, but because I realized that Tinsley Mortimer’s earrings are a bit too familiar. See in the video below.

So by now, you must have made the connection that Tinsdale’s earrings are very similar to the ones that HSH wore to Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilee dinner at Buckingham Palace in 2012.

Princess Charlene Jubilee dinner 2012 in london

We’re in a different decade now, this is historic at this point, but I digress.

Princess Charlene Jubilee dinner 2012 at Buckingham Palace

I found this post on Tinsley’s Instagram from the time of the reunion airing in 2018. For those of you who don’t Tinsley Mortimer, she is the definition of an It Girl. In fact, Blair and Serena’s outfits on Gossip Girl were inspired by her style. She also made a cameo on the show… Gossip Girl mentions Princess Charlene at some point, but let’s not talk about that 🙄

The earrings are from the Lace collection by Jacob & Co, the renowned New York Jeweller. There is a difference in the “lace” pattern in Tinsley’s and Princess Charlene’s pair, but Lace is one of the house’s first collections and has been updated several times over the years. Charlene’s has a circle at the top of the main circle while Tinsley’s has some sort of C’s.

jacob and co lace earrings

Jacob & Co is no stranger to Princess Charlene who had worn their jewelry at least once before at the 2010 Princess Grace Awards and once after at the 2012 Princess Grace Awards.

 Princess Grace Awards 2012

So there you go, new earrings on the radar and a useless fact about me. What can I say, except chic, c’est la vie, c’est bonne, c’est bonne!