The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in South Africa for a major tour. For the most part, the Duchess, formerly known as Meghan Markle, has opted for costume jewelry and accessories over diamonds. Reports have suggested different reasons for this choice.

Meghan Markle Pichulik earrings during South Africa Tour Action Aid

Her Royal Highness chose chose two pairs of earrings from South African brand Pichulik.

The first pair is the Magi earrings. The earrings are dusted in gold and beads arched like a rising sun and features Custom brass studs with titanium pins and braid rope embellished with gold, copper and black beads and gilt-plated end caps. The earrings come in 3 colours and are available online for $95.

Pichulik Magi earrings worn by Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle wears Pichulik at Action Aid

The second pair of earrings is the Labyrinth which combines the imagery of a circle and the spiral. The very light earrings feature custom brass button stud earring with woven rope embellished with copper beads and braid rope hand woven with wax cotton. These earrings come in green and retail for $120.

Pichulik Labyrinth earrings

Princess Charlene wore Pichulik in 2018

Princess Charlene Rooi Rose magazine cover shoot

For her Rooi Rose cover shoot, Princess Charlene wore one of Pichulik necklaces with a white dress by Suzaan Heyns (now defunct). The necklace was chosen by stylist Riaan Hulley and is made of thin rope embellished with hand-painted wooden beads, brass and fresh-water pearls. The necklace is named after the Ichiyo ikebana school and has a hidden meaning that you can learn about on their website.

Pichulik Ichiyo Necklace

The necklace is available online for $265 and you can buy it from HERE.

Do you prefer the pieces chosen by Meghan or Charlene’s necklace?