during the week that has started on 3-12 and ended on 9-12 Princess Charlene wore these outfits :

1 . 5-12 the Opening of the Christmas village in Monaco wearing an Akris coat (1A) and a Louis Vuitton clutch (1B) love it , but don’t like the clutch so much !
2. 6 – 12 arriving in the hotel arriving in the hotel in South Africa , grey ! it’s been a while since we’ve seen Charlene wearing grey , and the Pashmina keeps it away from being boring !
3. 7 – 12 attending the climate Action Networking Reception   wearing an Akris dress she wore before to the Grand Prix , I dont like it alot ,but the amazing shoes make it better !
4A . 8-12 attending the Polaris Project Presentation at the Clock Tower wearing the same Akris coat she’s wearing in 1 ,  I love it , then she took it off (B) to meet the acrishop TUTU .
5. visiting her first swimming pool  , well ! it’s just a visit to a swimming pool !
long week but with almost no colors !