So ! two royals amazed me with night gowns , let’s start with :
Princess Maxima on 21 November , in the premiere of Nova Zembla movie wearing a Larph Lauren simple black gown ,

click for a bigger view ;)

what made her look amazing are : 1. accessories , that’s the second time she wears that diamond ornament but last time it was in her hair ! also earring are beautiful , elegant , big but still not too much ! also her hair was amazing ! yeah Maxima went to a coiffure finally and got a nice hair-do !

the other royal is : Sarah Ferguson ! yeah ! Sarah has been looking radiant these days (with the exception of that time ) but here for example :

click for a bigger view ;)

that’s divine , and yeah i know she wore it before and she looked silly in it specially in that famous pic and this is exactly why i think it’s beautiful this time , she lost weight , she chose better accessories and a better hair style ! now i’m in love with this , i like it even more that i liked crown princess Mary when she wore the same gown before ! Sarah that’s a good piece to recycle !
and also these 2 looks :

yeah ! i think i’m gonna become a Fergie’s fan , although i really do hate her taste in shoes !

what about you ?? who wore the best gown in these few weeks ?