The Oscars is 9 days away , and the new princess of Monaco is attending the ceremony along with her husband the prince of Monaco ,  as far as i’m concerned Charlene is the only princess to attend The Oscars , her mother in law Princess Grace attended The Oscars before she married prince Rainier and became a princess .
the reasons of Charlene & Albert attendance haven’t been confirmed but there are two logic reasons :
1. the new film about Grace Kelly which as i read is supposed to be one of the most luxurious movies ever ,,,, yeah there are luxurious movies :)
2. because The Academy is celebrating its legends , and Grace is definitely one of them ! (isn’t it amazing how Grace’s legacy is still alive all that long !)

there’s a third reason i read somewhere and i found it so convincing which is “because she can !”

whatever the reasons are , who would mind a beautiful new blonde princess wearing a couture gown and (hopefully) sparkling diamonds !
as Charlene is one of my favorite royals , I’ve been so excited that i thought about all the different possibilities of her look for the night…… let’s see :

possible designers and collections :

Armani Privé 

1. possibly from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection , in case you dont know Armani Privé is the haute couture line of Armani , and it’s private and special that’s why it’s called Privé (means private in French) .  it can be beige , grey or black , as these are the forever favorite colors of Charlene , she’s been wearing bright green for quite sometime so that’s a possibility too . 

click for a bigger view

While Charlene has been favoring black for evening wear that black gown is a great possibility with the green appliquès or with them changed to black or maybe changed to blue ones to match her Ocean necklace Tiara , but the gown is not Oscar-worthy. while that green gown in the middle is amazing , it’s bright green , strapless , pleated with beautiful details and sequins. the green gown on the right is beautiful , but a little too revealing for a princess , however Charlene wore that jumpsuit so that gown is still a possibility , its fit is amazing too !

but the one I’d love to see her wearing and think she would pick it the first one if she was choosing  from this collection is that gown

click for a much bigger view

it’s screaming “I was made for Charlene” , it’s strapless , pleated , simple , modern , and most importantly GREY !
now that’s a grey thing that i wouldn’t mind to see Charlene wearing , it’s so beautiful , whether with that green part or with it changed to grey !
Can you imagine how beautiful it would look if she paired it with the amazing Infinite Cascade necklace !

2. most of Armani Privè pieces are costum made , or from old collections edited to suit the costumer’s taste , Charlene herself has worn few Armani Privè costum made gown .

however some rumors say that Charlene and Giorgio aren’t good friends anymore , so maybe if that’s true we’re not going to see anything from that collection :'(

 it’s most likely the one who’s going to dress her for the night (sadly) , it would be costum made , and let’s just hope that it won’t be like the last costum made gown they made for her ! i really hope she won’t wear Akris to the Oscars , Akris is good , but not good enough to be worn on her most important event to attend this year ,also she’s been wearing too much Akris recently !

Christian Dior

click for the biggest view ever !
while 1 and 2(the small dress next to 1) are simple , elegant and modern i doubt Charlene would wear them , simply because they’re purple , and although 1 isn’t so Oscar-worthy , 2 can be with some edits , and yes most designers would never say no to editing … specially if it’s a princess !
3 is black , simple , and chic , it would be amazing with lining and some appliquès , 4 is a very beautiful , but i don’t want to see her wearing it to the Oscars , maybe to a banquet or something , but not to the Oscars , however it’s a better option than 5 which i’m totally afraid that Charlene may get weak for its beigeness and simplicity !!!
Dior’s Summer Couture collection has some breathtaking pieces but with full skirts which Charlene never wears, although her Akris Ein Herz Gala gown was bit more puffy than she usually wears !

Elie Saab

it’s not likely that her serene highness would hit an Elie Saab frock now but who knows ! maybe the princess surfs the internet and saw some cool gown from his !
his couture collection for this summer is so princessy !

not strapless as Charlene prefers , but all of them are amazing , yellow would be a great color to see on the neutral princess , while the first yellow gown looks like it came straightly from a fairy tale ,the second one looks so serene with it’s coat thing !
the brown one is screaming “I was made to be worn by you , Charlene” and it’s brown with some beige , but it’s not dull , actually it would be great , also as a start for her in the Elie Saab world !
also the 4th gown is beautiful and simple , flashy enough for the Oscars ,with a refreshing bright color for Charlene !
while the gown on the right has everything to make me happy forever , and its color is more refreshing than anything else , there’s a possibility she’d wear it , because she rocked the same color before !

Malak El Ezzawy
ok ! that’s not a possibility , but it’s just a happy thought !
i find that black gown amazing , and it looks like what Charlene would pick , can you see the similarities between this gown and the Dior gown Charlene has worn before ? and wouldn’t it look amazing with her amazing Repossi jewelry ?
while the Blue number is so simple , it looks so chic and elegant , with Charlene’s less is more style it would rock , and it’s one shouldered as Charlene sometimes wears, and it has some interesting details on the back !
What do you think Charlene will wear for the big night ? and what do you hope to see her wearing ?