Today, we have a new crown princess. Princess Stephanie, Hereditary Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg after the religious wedding ceremony to Prince Guillaume.

Arriving with her brother in a blue Daimler car owned by the grand ducal family, The bride, Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, was wearing an Elie Saab couture gown!

 The gown is costum made (of course) and was designed by Mr. Saab himself, Elie designed the new princess an A line ivory gown with a little bit of mermaid skirt, but it’s still A line!

The gown has a bateau (boat) neckline which gets lower by the back to show just a little bit of Stéphanie’s back, three-quarter lace sleeves, fitted bodice and a skirt that continues to make a two and a half meters train.

And if this train is not grand enough for you, a four and a half meters train flows from the waist.

The whole gown is embroidered in silver thread, beads, and pearls, and the the long veil didn’t have a blusher.

This historical wedding gown -that hopefully won’t be cut in the future to dress The Notre-Dame Patron as they did with Maria-Teresa’s Balmain gown- is made of different fabrics, here’s  list with numbers:

  • 50 metres of Chantilly lace.
  • 40 metres of Calais lace.
  •  30 metres or satin organza.
  •  70 metres of tulle and silk crepe for the lining.
  •  15 metres of silk tulle for the veil.

The dress was also beaded and embroidered with different materials, and we also have a list of that:

  •  200 pieces of transparent glitter.
  •  80,000 transparent crystals.
  •  50,000 beads/pearls.
  •  10,000 metres of silver embroidery thread.

As for the tiara, instead of following the tradition started by Josephine-Charlotte of wearing the Congo Tiara, or wearing the Belgian Scroll Tiara, that also Josephine-Charlotte has worn on her wedding day, Princess Stephanie chose to make us a favor and wear her family’s tiara.

The tiara, made by jeweler Altenloh in Brussels many years ago for the Lannoy family was also worn by all Princess Stephanie’s sisters and sisters-in-law on their wedding days.

The tiara is composed of 270 brilliant diamonds and set in platinum, and has leaf motifs, which really goes very well the embroidery on the gown.

She also wore diamonds and pearl earrings that we have no idea about, and a necklace (I guess she wears it all the time).

Stéphanie carried a bouquet created by House Lachaume, a Parisian florist (Weird that Elie didn’t design her a bouquet).

Bouzouk Did the Princess’s makeup, as well as Princess Alexandra’s and The Grand Duchess.
While Stephanie’s hair was made by Tom Marcineau of the House of Carita in Paris into a really lovely low chignon that had the veil attached in the middle of it (remind me a bit of Charlene’s).

I think this is one of the best wedding gowns EVER,not just in the royal gowns category, and this is one of the best weddings EVER.

They kissed three times!

It was quite hard to imagine Stephanie in one Elie’s heavily embroidered gowns, but it worked, I was right when I let my mind go wild and guess Elie is doing it.
And I’m really glad that Maria-Teresa introduced her daughter-in-law to the world of couture and put her on the first step.

The only things I could complain about is that the bouquet is so white that it fades with the gown in the background, and that as a tiara-maniac I was wishing for something as huge as the Luxembourg Empire Tiara (hope MT brings it up soon) ,and while this gown design is new for royal brides, it’s still so Elie Saab, which is not a bad thing actually but… forget about it, it’s good… Well played, Steph, Keep on rocking Elie Saab dress, Princess!

Now, Tell me: What do you think about Princess Stéphanie’s wedding gown and tiara?

P.S: Will be updating with better quality photos once they’re available.

Photos: BTA, Elie Saab, Luxurazzi