With only 4 days left until the royal wedding of Prince Guillaume and Countess Stéphanie, It’s time to guess, speculate, bid, and just have some royal wedding fun as this will probably be the last major royal wedding for some years. Since Prince Guillaume, The Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg is the last unmarried heir to the throne, Which means his wedding might be the last state wedding for few years if not decades.

The couple

Firstly, There will be two ceremonies (Just like Monaco), The first will be on October the 19th, and will take place in the Luxembourg City Town Hall at 3pm Luxembourg time (and Egypt time, which is GMT +2), There will be a procession from the Grand Ducal Palace to the City Town Hall. The civil ceremony will be  followed by a dinner and a ball (tiara affair?) in The Grand Ducal Palace.

Left: The Grand Ducal Palace where the procession while start until they arrive at the Luxembourg City Town Hall(Right). (Click to enlarge)

The religious ceremony will take place the next day, October 20th, at 11am, Luxembourg time, in the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg.

And at 1am, The royal couple will appear on the balcony of the Grand Ducal Palace (means the ceremony will take less than 2 hours), After that comes a reception. And at night fireworks and concerts!

Now the royal couture info:

Firstly here is the list of the royals who were listed in the religious ceremony guest list:

HRH Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco 
Their Majesties the King and Queen of Belgians 
Their Majesties the King and Queen of Norway 
TSH the Reigning Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein 
Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands 
Her Majesty the Queen of Sweden 
Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and HRH the Prince Consort 
TRH Prince Frédérik and Princess Mary of Denmark 
TRH Crown Princess and Prince Daniel of Sweden 
TRH the Prince and the Princess of Asturias 
TRH the Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima of the Netherlands 
HRH thr Crown Prince of Japan 
TRH the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway 
TRH the Duke and the Duchess of Brabant 
HRH Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and Mr. Ari Behn 
HRH Prince Carl Philip of Sweden 
TRH Prince Laurent and Princess Claire of Belgium 
TRH Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz of Belgium 
HRH Prince Rashid and Princess Zeina of Jordan 
TRH Crown Princess and Prince Radu of Romania  
HRH the Princess of Hanover 
TRH Prince Hassan and Princess Sarvath of Jordan 
TRH Prince Edward of Princess Sophie of Wessex 
Their Majesties King Constantin and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece 
Their Majesties the King and Queen of Bulgaria 

So far we know that some of these ladies will be wearing Natan outfits for the ceremony and these ladies are:

Grand-Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg (mother of the groom)
Alexandra and Tessy (Sisters of the groom)
Mathilde, Duchess of Brabant (Crown Princess of Belgium)
Máxima, Crown Princess of The Netherlands

Some looks from Natan’s Fall 2012 couture collection

It’s a morning event, but I added some night looks since we might see any of them in the gala.

From left to right: Maxima, Mathilde, Maria-Teresa and Alexandra all dressed in Natan

So, that’s how we expect these ladies to look in Natan creations (not their best to be honest).

 I have some speculations for some of the other royal ladies:

Princess Mary of Denmark, Prada for the cathedral and some Danish designer for the ball.

Princess Victoria of Sweden, Elie Saab *fingers crossed*

Princess Letizia of Austrias, Felipe Varela (I would bid on that)

Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Valentino

Princess Caroline of Hanover, Chanel (what else does she wear?)

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Bruce Oldfield or Amanda Wakeley

And unlike many of you, I guess Prince Albert and Princess Charlene will be attending the ball … Well, I’m not sure at all. As they’re not attending the religious ceremony, but we don’t have a guest list for the dinner and one can hope!

And What About Stephanie?

Well… ELIE SAAB. I mean, It has to be Elie, specially as Edouard Vermeulen, the designer behind NATAN who designed Stephanie’s engagement outfits announced that he’s not the designer of the wedding gown. And Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa wears either Natan or Elie Saab all the time. Remember her Jubilee dinner Elie Saab Haute Couture gown she wore recently?
But as nothing has been confirmed by The Grand Ducal Palace or Elie Saab (I emailed them a while ago and never got a reply, naturally) we can only speculate.
Here’s a look at Elie’s latest two couture collections, some of his bridal from previous collections, and the pre-wedding gown he made for Princess Victoria or Sweden
Click to enlarge
June, 2010
And as we also haven’t seen much of Stephanie over the last few years we don’t really know how her style is! 
Diane von Furstenberg is also an option, but I think it’s not likely to be her.
As for the tiara and veil, the tradition started by Grand-Duchess Josephine-Charlotte in wedding tiaras is that the bride wears the Congo Necklace Tiara (Although it’s said that Josephine wore the bracelet as a tiara and the necklace around her neck), Maria-Teresa wore the same tiara as well on her wedding day, Maybe Stephanie will follow the tradition? or maybe she will bring us a new(for us) heirloom tiara from her family’s collection?

As reported, the Notre-Dame Patron of the Cathedral will be wearing Countess Alix della Faille’s (Stephanie’s late mother) wedding veil. Maybe this will give Stephanie the chance to wear Josephine Charlotte’s Belgian Lace Veil?
Also Stephanie will wear on her third finger of her right hand her Mother’s engagement
ring, and will receive at the at the same hand her wedding ring. 
 Seeing her engagement ring, you can tell that this wedding is going to be huge, and therefor I may ask for Elie Saab couture breathtaking one of a kind…….etc wedding gown, You’re a noble who’s marrying into royalty, if you’re not gonna wear Elie Saab in your wedding, then when the royal heck are you going to?!!
Countess Stephanie engagement ring
Tell me how do you expect, speculate, and hope Countess Stephanie de Lannoy will look?
Images: Wikipedia, Google, Natan, Style.com