Happy new year everyone, It seems like 2012 didn’t want to end without giving us some sans-tiara royal fun.

Last Saturday (December 29th) Archduke Christoph of Austria married Adelaide Drape-Frisch and made her an Archduchess at the Basilica Saint-Epvre in Nancy, France.
The day before it the couple got married in a civil ceremony at the Hôtel de Ville in Nancy. That’s how the couple looked

Since I’m too busy the civil ceremony was too casual for my taste I’ll keep my thumbs up prizes for the religious ceremony, Here’s how it goes:

Best in Bride
Adelaide Drape-Frisch  

 Adelaide wore a costum Diane Lelys gown, the gown is made of duchess satin and has fur-trimmed cuffs and collar and had a not-so-long-train.
 The wedding gown has a jacket with a peplum detail, Adelaide then took off the jacket for the dinner.
A lace long-sleeved top, classic royal design, me thinks. But the cake was nothing near to classic, but I don’t really like it, though!
  The bride wore the Small Floral Tiara from the Luxembourg royal family’s (her husband’s maternal family) vault, this tiara is making a tradition now to be worn by junior and more distant Luxembourger brides. Archduchess Adelaide also wore an antique Habsburg veil.
Honestly, This gown is one of my least favorite wedding gowns, and most probably it’ll stay there, but she‘s the bride, she’s beautiful and she’s the only one that wore a tiara. 
She deserves a thumbs up!
 Best in Grand Duchess
Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa
Maria-Teresa brought fur, brown, fur, a fascinator and fur! I love this look on her, it’s fur-ful, it fits her like a glove, it’s elegant and appropriate for a consort of a sovereign without upstaging the bride.
Best in My Motherin-Law Picked It for Me
Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg
“but I added my own touch” that’s the rest of the category title. Stephanie and Maria-Teresa seem to have their outfits made by the same designer (NATAN?), but The Hereditary Grand Duchess added her signature by wearing a scarf, do you think Stephanie can go out without a scarf?  like the hat anyway!
Best in You Should Exchange Accessories
Princess Alexandra and Princess Tessy
I love how Tessy(right) chose to mix colors, but I can’t help thinking that her clutch would have been way better on Alexandra’s outfit, her shoes would have been less eye-hurting than Alexandra’s booties/shooties. Alexandra‘s hat should be burnt either ways!
Best in Deja-Vu
Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg
While the mother of the groom, Princess Marie Astrid, Archduchess of Austria’s outfit wouldn’t probably look familiar to you, it reminded me, and I’m pretty sure it is the same outfit worn by her mother, Princess Josephine Charlotte to the celebrations in the day her son, Henry became a Grand Duke in 2000. 
Marie Astrid added a fur (YAY) hat, pearl necklace, brooch and a light pink clutch, bravo!
Worst in First Impression
  Claire Lademacher
That’s not what you wear to a royal wedding, that’s not a hat to be worn in the first place, and that coat is too short, and the fur is just… sad!
The night dinner also deserves some quick thumbs up too:
Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa in Elie Saab
Maria-Teresa, bless her, She repeated an Elie Saab Spring 2012 dress, added a fur shawl (:D) and her perfect retro hairstyle complimented her look!
Best in Anything to drape
Princess Stephanie
  Stephanie just needs anything drape-y, when they told her she couldn’t wear a scarf to the dinner, she took that lovely lamè curtain to drape around her shoulders, luckily, it goes well with her gown!
Best in That‘s Better
Claire Lademacher
Better fur, that’s it!
Best of The Rest
Princess Alexandra, Princess Tessy
I know we can’t see they gowns well, but they’re wearing fur, plus, Tessy is Valentino, they’re from the best!


  Source: NewMyRoyals, PurePeople, GettyImages