This week all royals were having some pre-Christmas fun, each family
in its own way, and for this I have some Thumbs Up to be presented,
sorted from the most casual to the most formal/adorable!

The Green Thumb Down Up for The Enough With The Black
Princess Charlene of Monaco

This was yesterday while attending the Christmas mass at the college Charles III. Okay, I love this coat/cape, and I totally understand that it’s chic and made of
cashmere and that it costs more than $5000, but you already wore it two
times in two weeks, princess! Plus, you have MANY other coats that
happen to be in other colors but black. Why would you wear black in
Christmas? *Sad face here* Thank GOD she changed the boots, new pair(?).
Since it’s Christmas I can’t give anyone a thumb down (how sweet am I),
so let it be a green thumb up to give this “celebration” a bit of a

The Red Thumb Up for The Danish Royals

This is what they wore while attending the Children’s Choir Christmas concert at Esajas Church, Mary in a repeated outfit and a new bag, and Frederik in some interesting pants that I have to have soon.
This thumb up is totally deserved. No, not for the pants, but for this, See the look! That’s what Christmas is for kids, and also this, because when kids are having fun and looking cute one can’t help but give one (if not many) thumbs up.

Thumbs up for The British Royals

Always The Queen hosted a dinner last Thursday for the extended family,
and the family didn’t disappoint, so let’s thumb them up!

Best in Old Is Gold
Princess Michael

She’s all glammed up for the occasion, I don’t think she looks younger, but she aged quite well thanks to plastic surgeries, I like her earrings!
Best in You Can’t ID My Outfit
The Duchess of Cambridge

smile says it all, she wore a red dress underneath anyway, also it has
been announced today that Kate and William will NOT be in Sandringham
this Christmas, they’ll join The Middletons in Bucklebury instead, I’m
quite surprised and disappointed with them breaking the tradition, but
as a family they should do what they want to do!

Best in I’m The Cutest Girl Here
Lady Louise Windsor
No words can be said, love her eye color!
Best in Trying to Look As Cute As My Daughter in My Glasses
Countess Sophie of Wessex
Sophie, Countess of Wessex wearing glasses
my first time to see Sophie wearing glasses, and she looks cute, but
no, not as cute as Louise! I like the fur trimming though!
P.S: The Wessex’s attended the Christmas Meeting at Ascot this morning, Pic HERE
Best in Hair
Princess Eugenie of York
Yes, Kate isn’t the only one who blow-dries her hair. Eugenie’s makeup is supreme! 
Best in That Looks Dressy
Princes Beatrice of York
Looking at the collar, that looks like something by MiuMiu or something, me likely!
After The dinner, Her Majesty left to King’s Cross where she caught the train to go to Sandringham.
If the Thumbs Up wouldn’t be for her outfit it would be for her headscarf!
 Thumbs up for My Dress is What The Tree is Missing
Belgian royals didn’t miss the festivities as they attended the annual Christmas concert at the Royal Palace in Brussels. Here‘s what they all wore!
Left: Princess Mathilde wearing NATAN dress.
Princess Mathilde is in NATAN, I think it’s safe to guess that Claire is wearing NATAN as well.
Princess Mathilde’s dress by NATAN (center)
Mathilde‘s dress falls under my too matchy too boring category, but at least she brought some interesting earrings! Also the tree is missing colour, it’s the first tree I’ve ever seen that’s decorated with golden ornaments only, they should cut Mathilde’s dress into little pieces and hang them on the tree!
Thumbs Up for The Extra Royal
Swedish royal pushed it up to the glamorous side, although it’s not exactly a Christmas celebration (it’s the Swedish Academy’s formal gathering) but I’ll count it just because it’s extra glittering! 
Best in Queen of Fur

In case you didn’t know it, I LOVE fur, and I miss those good ol’ days when ladies were wrapped in fur shawls and walking with pride and femininity, That’s said, I lurve Queen Silvia’s look!

Best in We Can’t Wait for Another Royal Wedding
Princess Madeleine
Princess Madeleine wearing Bottega Venetta Knot Clutch
Princess Madeleine was joined by her finacé
Christopher O’Neill. Madeleine wore a velvet gown that I feel that I’ve
seen before, when? no idea! Perhaps one of you can see it here and remind me when we saw it before? I like her pearl earrings, and the Bottega Venetta Knot clutch.
Best in Royally Jewelled up 
Princess Victoria 
Princess Victoria wearing Malene Birger
Victoria arrived with her husband, Prince Daniel wearing a grey gown by
Malene Briger and a fur jacket By Malina. Here’s a pic of the
£648 gown that was marked down to £259 before getting sold out.

The Malene Briger dress Princess Victoria wore to the Swedish Academy’s formal gathering

didn’t let the tiara-less dress code stop her from having some bling in
her hair by wearing about 6 hairpins *praying they’re diamond*, Vic
also added a brooch to the shoulder/strap. Now that’s my Posh girl!
if all this glam/jewels/fur/gowns are not enough to convince you that
the Swedish are the winners this Christmas, then lets add cuteness to
the list. Yes, the young Princess Estelle delivers some cuteness to her
first Christmas, bless her!
Estelle is sending us a message with this pic: “See my necklace? I’ll
be a magpie when I grow up. See my dress? I’ll wear colorful clothes
too, we all will be happy”
with this photo below she’s sending a message to some specific royal: “Dear Charlene, Princess of Monaco, I was very saddened by the news that
you wore black again for Christmas with no jewelry!” 
Which was your favorite pre-Christmas appearance?
And stay tuned as we’ll be covering all Christmas celebrations everywhere royal!

 Happy Holidays everyone!
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