not over the Dutch inauguration, so we shall take a closer look at
Queen Maxima’s other masterpiece by Jan Taminiau. But before that, can
we just take a moment to appreciate the flowers?

is known for its amazing flowers, and whoever the florists who did the
arrangements for all these ceremonies are, they did a fantastic job!

the investiture and the reception, it was time for the water pageant,
The King and The Queen were accompanied by their daughters while their
royal guests were in two other boats.

Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, Catharina-Amalia (Princess of Orange),
Princess Alexia, and the winner of the cutest contest, Princess Ariane

girls kept on their NATAN dresses from the investiture, they only
added the NATAN capes on top of them. We knew they would wear the capes (and
the dresses) hours before they wore them, but I still don’t like the capes,
especially because they’re brown!

Princess Amalia’s dress and cape. ©Natan

For the occasion, The new queen wore a burgundy costum made Jan Taminiau gown, Jan Taminiau shawl, and a UN refugees blanket beige cape. And contrary to other reports, Jan Taminiau confirmed that he designed the shoes too.

dress is described as a column dress, but I guess you
might agree with me that the skirt has a fishtail effect from which the small
train is cascading.
The gown also features an off-the-shoulder neckline.

dress is made of a silk crepe “undertone” layer in nude and a
red/burgundy overlay of lace. The lace includes embroidered flowers,
sequins and crystals.

Queen Maxima wearing Jan Taminiau gown for the water pageant.

It’s sad that there are almost no photos where we can see the whole look on Maxima, but at least we have a photo of the gown!

Reinier RVDA.

usual opening this kind of photos in a new tab is always a good idea.
Since the photo was again too huge to be uploaded I had to resize it
for the whole look, and crop some parts (and resize them too) so we
can see the details clearly.

Reinier RVDA.

the upper part of the bodice there is a layer of delicate see through
chiffon where the rest of the embroidery is placed, it made the dress
seem to be backless, the chiffon continues to make short cap sleeves, it
is so delicate that in the live streaming and some photos it looked like
Max’s arms had embroidery on them.

Reinier RVDA

In my opinion, the train is just enough, and I love that the embroidery on the knee area makes it look so naturally draping!

Max wore her diamond and garnet earrings, the Diamond Fish Net bracelet and another  diamond
bracelet that she wears often. Keeping it simple, the Queen of too much
wore a Chanel watch leather band instead of a diamond evening watch
while diamond stars were pinned beautifully to her hair.

event was too grand for any royal to be in just a column dress (except
Charlene and Letizia, maybe) let alone QUEEN MAXIMA, but it included boarding
on boats and walking in tight places so anything fussy would be a great
trouble to deal with.

Queen Maxima with diamond stars in her hair

love the idea that Jan Taminiau who is edgy like Alexander McQueen and
has a dramatic sense of fashion like John Galliano made a gown that
looked modern, yet regal, looks simple but is actually glamorous in details.
Away from
being too much, the dress was so majestic but still she still could
hurry up walking when they were running late after stopping to say hi to
Armin van Buuren and the orchestra.

Their arrival starts at 4:40, Maxima runs at 8:30.

think this gown is one of my favorite dresses on Maxima and will
remain unforgettable although we have no full photos of her in it
(without the blanket).

Jan described the two gowns himself saying that the Daytime is strong, powerful and complementary to what the King was wearing while the evening is softer, fragile, transparent and elegant. Do you agree?

And what do you think of this Jan Taminiau gown?

Professional NB: If you’re going to use the photos of the gown, please use the credits Reinier RVDA and not The Royal Couturier.

Photos: Reinier RVDA, Zimbio, NewMyRoyals