we’re all waiting impatiently for the wedding of Princess Madaeleine of
Sweden and Christopher O’neill, why don’t we spend some time
speculating the most interesting part, AKA, the gown?

What we’ve been hearing for a while now is that Valentino is designing Madeleine’s gown, it was firstly reported by the Expressen.

Valentino is a huge fashion house, and there are two options when it comes to it:

  1.  Valentino’s current creative directors, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, designed it for the house.

this case we shall expect something from the new Valentino which is
still feminine but  modern and just a little more punky. Above
are some runway looks from their last few couture collections.
Their keystones: Lace, Macramé, chiffon and silk crepe.

 2.  Mr. Valentino himself is designing the gown for the Princess:

In this case we shall expect something truly feminine, princessy, beautiful and most importantly; glamorous.

Valentino’s creations can look so simple and unfussy with just the
right amount of embellishments, tiers or interesting silhouettes. And yes,
we’ve seen the one on the right on Cameron Diaz in the 2007 Academy Awards.

His Keystones: embroidery, tiers, lace, silk satin and bows.


gown wouldn’t be Valentino’s first royal wedding gown as he designed
both Queen Maxima’s (above) and Princess Marie-Chantal’s (below).

One of Valentino’s most notable wedding gowns is the gown her designed last year for Anne Hathaway, which gives us a thought or two about what he might be into designing these days.

is a designer who likes to show women’s beauty through clothes (and not
lack of clothes) and Madeleine is a beautiful girl who likes to show it and isn’t afraid of hitting the glamorous side, so they can make
a great duo.

Yes, please.

much as I would love to see a Swedish design (you know we don’t see
many of these), I can’t really complain about Valentino, just look at
the dress above!

However, until
it’s confirmed by the palace or Valentino (who is in the unofficial
guest list we saw), it’s still a rumor. And actually those who quoted The
Expressen forgot that it was the Expressen who reported earlier that Linda Nurk is the designer behind the gown!

is a Swedish designer who has designed for Princesses Victoria and
Madeleine, most notably the gown Princess Madeleine wore for the wedding of Princess Victoria and these two gown for Nobel Awards.

I just hope that if she’s doing the gown she’d do something more refined than these two!

Pär Engsheden is also a possibility as he designed for both princess before, he designed Victoria’s wedding gown and Madeleine’s wedding banns dress.

And finally Angel Sanchez
is another designer to predict. The American designer has dressed
Madeleine for her sister’s pre-wedding dinner (above) in actually a
bridal gown. Madeleine wore the dress again for the 2012 Nobel Awards.
You can check out his designs HERE.

the designer is still unknown there are still some things that we can
expect in the gown, like it will NOT be strapless (royal protocol), and that it will have
a train that’s not too long since the Royal Chapel isn’t that big, but
Mads can work a train, can’t she?

As for the tiara, I’m putting my money on the Cameo!

What do you hope to see in Madeleine’s wedding gown?

 Photos:, Zimbio, RoyalJewelsOfTheWorld