This month we have two royals taking place, and the two involve heirs!

first is the wedding of Prince Mohammed Ali, the eldest son of ex-king
Fouad II of Egypt which technically makes him the crown prince, to
Princess Noal Zaher, the daughter of Prince Muhammed Daoud Pashtunyar
Khan, the youngest son of King Mohammed Zahir Shah. Noal holds a degree
in business from Institut Saint Dominique and designs jewelry now.

to right: Prince Duran Zaher, Princess Noal Zaher, King Fouad, Prince
Mohammed Ali, Princess Fawzia Latifa, Prince Fakhr ElDin.

wedding will take place at Çirağan palace, a former Ottoman palace
that’s not a luxury hotel directed by Kempinski in Istanbul where the
couple has first met.

It’s not expected that the wedding will have a full coverage or that there will be tiaras or big jewels, would be interesting to see if the Egyptian Royal Family still has some jewelry in their vaults, though.

Çırağan Palace.

have to say that the whole thing surprises me, in the announcement The
King used the Title “Prince of Upper Egypt” to refer to his son which
never happened before (like the Prince of Wales, The Prince of Upper
Egypt was the title used for the crown prince in Egypt), King Fouad also
never used his title as King in any of the messages he sent to the
people, so titling everyone in his family including himself this time
was really something strange!
Also, Princess Fawzia passed away
last month, she was the senior of the family, and I’m quite shocked that
the wedding wasn’t postponed in respect to her death!
Anyway, I’ll update with all the info which I can get it!

next wedding we have is Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana’s, the couple were
engaged in July last year and are rumored to be tying the knot later
this month.

The couple at the Dior fashion show

reported that the couple are to wed on August 31st, when I asked The
Palace about the date a few weeks ago they told me that information will
be sent to me on due times, which usually means “yes, but we won’t tell
you now”, so I guess it’s really on the 31st.

don’t think we will get much of a coverage of that wedding, though. The
Monegasque family is known for their privacy and discretion. Let’s just
hope we’ll at least get a few pictures!

Will keep you updated with all the information I can get.

Photos: Purepeople, Google,, Egyptian Royal Palace