So that’s how Charlene ended her year:

She wore this black double face wool coat to attend a memorial for Nelson Mandela in Monte Carlo, visit children at the Red Cross Centre and visit the Princess Grace Hospital. The coat is a commercial piece of the fall 2013 collection from Dior. I’m not really sure about this coat, it looks so princessy and chic in some photos but too wide on the waist part in others!

Then it was the time for the annual gift distributing for children at the palace. Charlene repeated her 21st Century kilt that she first wore at the Hermitage Hotel. I’ve contacted Howie R Nicholsby, the director of 21st Century Kilts and he told me that it’s a made to measure kilt designed especially for Princess Charlene in her family’s tartan and is made of pure wool. Howie also told me that they do normal waist height kilts at any length for women all the time, including floor length, but the Princess’s kilt stands out in having an empire waistline. So until now the design with the waistline is exclusively for the princess, but I’ll keep you updated if it gets available.

What I didn’t understand is how does Princess Charlene’s family has a tartan? I’ll ask Howie and tell you guys!

Then on another day, Charlene visited Collège Saint Charles wearing the same coat she wore to Mandela’s memorial in South Africa. I LOVE how her hair is done in the pic.

Also, the Palace has released a new official picture of the couple. I like the jacket, but I’m not a fan of the neutral looks some people think royals should do in pics. I like SMILES! Plus, didn’t official pictures usually include white ties and tiaras?!

Finally, The Prince and Princess of Monaco visited The Foyer Princesse Charlene. Charlene gave the Dior coat another outing!

Not a bad ending of a year, no? Although I wanted to see a tiara (and other things) in 2013, I’m still full of hope for next year!
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Photos: PalaisPrincier, NewMyRoyals, Zimbio