As you all know by now, Princess Charlene covered this week’s issue of the Spanish Hola Magazine and wore the Ocean tiara for the first time. I am sorry I haven’t posted about that earlier but one of our readers promised to provide a translation of the interview (the feature is on 24 pages) from Spanish to English but ended up running late.

Below we’ll see some of the photos taken by Vanessa von Zitzewitz.

Many thought Charlene was in bed sheets for the cover, but actually, that’s a Dior satin dress.

Charlene wore it and apparently another Dior dress in the same color for the setting. She paired it with a drop dead gorgeous Graff bracelet shown below in the white and yellow diamond version.

Charlene was shot wearing the tiara with two other Dior dresses.

I have to say I’m quite impressed by how the tiara looks, it’s quite big and substantial, I’m also impressed that Stephane Madinier
could create a hairdo suitable for the tiara with Charlene’s short
hair. Char paired her tiara with her Cartier heart stud diamond

The other dress is so not what you’d expect Charlene to wear!

Full skirt and boat neckline, I’m still surprised!

Charlene also posed in front of the Musée Océanographique in the Akris gown she wore for the Grand Prix gala last year.

She posed in the same place wearing a white Akris
coat and either new or VERY old -huge- stud earrings (she’s worn a
similar pair like 5 years ago), I’m not posting that photo though :P

Hola didn’t miss the opportunity to shoot in the most popular part of the palace, the main courtyard.

A few photos were taken at the horse-hoe staircase with Char wearing a spectacular Dior high-low cashmere and satin dress.

The feature in which the princess has let Hola
get into the intimacy of the palace got even to the princely pool and
to Charlene’s office where she posed for a couple of photos wearing a
repeated, long Akris skirt and white top.

So the princess uses an Apple laptop, hmm.

Finally, Charlene was photographed gazing into the distance wearing a dress/top by Stefanie Renoma.
It’s the first time -to my knowledge- for Charlene to wear this
designer and I absolutely love the color on her. Will try to know more
about this piece (and designer) in the future. The natural makeup for
the entire shoot was perfected by Pablo Ardizzone who you’ll get to know here in an interview soon.

absolutely thrilled to finally see Charlene wearing the Ocean tiara
which I think looks great worn. I’m also very tempted to start a
Charlene jewelry-pedia here, what do you think?

What do you think of the shoot? And the tiara?
Photos: Hola, Graff, didemin-not-defteri.blogspot, Vanessa von Zitzewitz