Last Friday night (The day not the Katy Perry song) was the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London, and celebrating that event The Queen invited the heads of states earlier the same day to a reception at Buckingham Palace, there aren’t many pictures of all the royals who attended, but most of them wore the same outfits to attend the Opening Ceremony and also there were more royals who attended the Opening without attending the reception.
So here we have the royal thumbs up

The Blue Thumb Up For The Best in Red
Princess Mathilde of Belgium
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Queen Margrethe is in a typical Margrethe, you wouldn’t imagine her in a different style would you? 
I like Mary’s (second from left) casual chic, with the snakeskin pumps as a statement,
I also like Mette-Marit’s(far right) uniform paired with Christian Louboutin pumps and the bag that might be Dior.
But of course the winner is princess Mathilde with her chic simple dress, statement clutch(not shown in the photo) and elegant hair style.
The Red Thumb Up For The Best in White/OffWhite/Grey/Bland
The Duchess of Cornwall
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Let’s start from right to left:
Again Queen Margrethe (yes, she’s nominated for 2 Thumb Ups)
Also Queen Sofia is being so Queen Sofia, She’s into simple, so-not-special clothes, but with almost no makeup and her skin tone she’s fading! plus she was also 15 minutes late, so no Sofia, you’re not getting a Thumb Up!
I would have given this Thumb Up to Charlene(far left) if she had worn any jewelry, you go to the reception and the opening ceremony not wearing earrings!!! nor a bracelet!! I’m not even sure if she wore her engagement ring! but I like the pantsuit, it’s a bespoke Akris by the way, I like the lace, and gathered sleeves, just a pink shoes maybe or a red belt or a brooch would have sizzled things a bit!
So the Duchess of Cornwall wins this Thumb Up for her simple yet elegant attire, with a pearl choker a bracelet, and probably some rings.
The Mint Blue Thumb Up For The Best in Mint Blue
Queen Elizabeth
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I can honestly say that both coatdresses look similar and Kate, dressing like your grandmother in law is never a good idea, I thought she’d take the coat off and go to the Opening Ceremony with the dress underneath but she didn’t.
The Queen gets this thumb up for looking genuine in mintblue (a royal trend if you noticed)
The Pink Thumb Up For The Best in Bracelets
Princess Beatrice of York
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That’s the only picture we have for princess Beatrice of York in the event but isn’t it enough to give her a thumb up already? golden-brown dress that seems to have an interesting print, and a major bracelet! now the question, Why didn’t we get any photo of her sister, Princess Eugenie?
The Orange Thumb Up for The Only Best in Orange
Princess Maxima of The Netherlands
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she gets the Thumb Up not only for being the only one in orange but also for using it to show the Dutch team where they are.
The Royal Crown For The Best of the Best
Queen Elizabeth II
You should enlarge this, it’s HUGE
Her Majesty The Queen wins another tiara to add next to her MANY tiaras (just this tiara is virtual). wearing a peach/pink Karl Ludwig Rehse creation, a brooch that belongs to Queen Adelaide, and a diamond necklace, and just if you think that all that doesn’t make it enough for her to win a crown, then you should check this out!
It’s official, Her Majesty is the new Bond girl!
who was your favorite in the Opening Ceremony?