Princess Madeleine’s pre-wedding dinner took place tonight at the
Grand Hotel, with guests varying from royal to billionaires I’m left
disappointed and underwhelmed. Focusing on the positive part; most of
the royal ladies did well, so let’s give some thumbs up and down!

Best in Girl of The Party
Princess Madeleine
in Elie Saab
she’s going to wear Valentino tomorrow for her wedding (confirmed by
the palace), The princess chose a dress from the Lebanese designer, Elie
Saab. This is Madeleine’s first time to wear Saab -at least from what
we know-, the dress is from the resort 2013 collection (our friend
Sydney from lux-arazzi was the first to ID it).
like that Madeleine didn’t go for couture, after all this dinner is way
too casual than her sister’s in 2010 (don’t you just hate comparing
both?). Mads brought us another surprise with her earrings as she wore
the earrings she wore for her engagement but this time with big
aquamarines instead of pearls, I like it both ways!
Best in Queen and Mother-in-Law
Queen Silvia
can always trust Queen Silvia to bring colour, glam and class, and this
time was no exception. Her amazing tiered gown is so classy and
beautiful while the sleeves and neckline parts are embroidered and
shiny, it’s a gala after all so some rhinestones are needed. And you
know what the best part is? We don’t always know the designers of
Silvia’s clothes, must be someone pretty exclusive!
Best in Sister of The Bride
Princess Victoria
in Jenny Packham
Victoria’s dress might look very good in this photo, it looked very
unflattering from other angles, also the wind blew it for her on her way
to the hotel. This Jenny Packham dress in the second dress Princess
Victoria wore from the designer’s Spring 2013 collection,
like to believe that Vic chose Jenny Packham ’cause she didn’t want to
“compete” with her sister in Elie Saab, kudos for that! Her accessories
are good, jewelry are fine (hair not so much) so she deserves a thumb
Best in Chic

Princess Marie Chantal
in Oscar de la Renta

may have arrived to Stockholm with Valentino in a private jet but that
doesn’t mean she would wear Valentino (at least tonight).

Princess arrived at the dinner wearing a high-low Oscar de la Renta
dress in dove grey. The dress comes from the Spring 2013 collection.

of you don’t like high-low dresses, but I think this one is really
beautiful with the embroidery and the way MC styled it with the gold
Louboutin pumps!
Best in Sequins

Princess Tatiana
In Armani (not sure)
I’m not sure Tatiana was in Armani but it looks Armani to me! Anyway, I
like how the chiffon over the sequins forms a different effect, like
discreet sparkle. the colour also makes a nice contrast against
Tatiana’s blondness! 
Best in I Can Look Young, Too
Princess Stephanie
in Elie saab
Stephanie kicked it out the (her) park, she left her shawl, wrap and
scarf at home and let her one-shouldered Elie Saab draped number steal
the show! This is the best Steph has looked since her wedding, the
simplicity of this gown suits her delicate features and the clutch, also
Saab, adds a touch of glamorous sparkle, I likey!
Best in Martha Louise
Princess Martha Louise
Martha Louise’s style is bizarre, she can play classic but when she’s
not bizarre-ing it up, she’s not herself! So, kudos for a nice try to
mix her bizarre self with classical dressing, I like the colour, too.
And now with the worst:
Worst in Boring
Princess Marie
in Yawn, doesn’t matter
I even need to explain? It’s just dull, What a disappointment in Marie
who always brings interesting gowns, the fabric looks so thin, too, I’m
afraid I can see stuff I’m not supposed to see!
Worst EVER in Mother-in-Law
Eva Maria Walter
In Valentino (?)

Okay, before you start hating on it you have to know why Eva chose this Valentino dress which was the real reason behind Valentino’s retirement!
Eva knew that there will be no Dutch at the wedding, she also knew that
you were wishing that even Princess Mabel would attend but since she
won’t, Eva decided to make you feel Mabel’s essence by wearing a
hugely-bowed gown, Eva risked her life as this bow could have swallowed
her alive!
a more serious not: This dress looks bad, is too short, and isn’t age
appropriate, it might would have looked good when she dated Prince
Charles in the 80’s (yes, she did) but not now!
It’s time for those whom I can’t make my mind up about:
Charlene in Charlene
Princess Charlene
in Akris
has a competition of her own, her own league. Although she looks
amazing and she’s in a colour (yes, anything not beige or black is a
colour for Char) there are other stuff that make me unsure about the
  • I love the fabric but she’s worn the same gown silhouette before in burgundy in Singapore (minus the vest).
  • The vest adds an edgy side to the outfit but just think of the idea of a vest over a gown!
  • It’s all in one colour but it looks to have different colours (not sure whether that’s good or bad).
  • The colour really suits her tone but washes her out (if that makes sense).

And the last reason for the dislike part is that she’s not wearing ANY jewelry, not even earrings… on a royal wedding!

To sum it up: Charlene looked amazing but not exactly royal or as I/we wanted her to look (which is exactly what she wanted)!


Countess Natascha Abensperg und Traun and Tatjana d’Abo (Chris’s sisters, thanks to kuninkaalliset)
one on the left is wearing Marchesa and I can’t decide whether I like
it or not (Mainly because I don’t like Marchesa) while I can’t love the
one on the right because it makes me think that these are two dresses
above each other!
Who was your best and worst dressed for the evening?
Photos: Zimbio, newmyroyals,