Back in November, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert attended the
second MONAA gala. Many sites applauded Charlene’s look and described it
as “a blue velvet dress with a pair of pumps and earrings”. With no
mention of a designer, I’ve emailed every single fashion house I thought
it might have come from. All but one!

be honest, after the gown turned out not to be by Akris nor Ralph
Lauren, I thought/hoped that it was Armani, Armani usually uses velvet
so it totally made sense back then, as always, Armani people never
replied.I also thought the shoes were Manolo Blahnik that Blahnik’s
people forgot about when they said the pumps weren’t theirs!

how come did I forget back then to contact Dior? Actually both the gown
and the shoes are Dior and both items were not on the runways of the
resort, fall or the spring collections!

wore Graff Diamonds earrings, they have the same concept of Graff’s
iconic Butterfly earrings (shown below) but they’re quite
different on the lower half.

declined to confirm whether the Princess actually owns the earrings or
if they were a loan. The two bracelets the princess wore are not Graff.

Pablo Ardizzone did Charlene’s hair to perfection that night and
Stephane Madinier did her makeup. Both artists have worked with Charlene
on many occasions, most importantly, her wedding day.

What do you think of Charlene’s look at the MONAA gala?
P.S: You chose Princess Victoria to be added on the radar, she’ll be welcomed on the blog by March (hopefully).,,,,